2 good Spectator articles

“Marshall Plan Didn’t Work”


“Jason Maas: The Realist”


Both well-written and concise.


There are Great Read

I love what Ron had to say ..

Like the phrase "Let the search begin for a Bob Young-style coach."
Now, what exactly is a Bob Young-style coach? My guess, purely hypothetical of course, is one that just wins enough games to be in the hunt. As I say, purely hypothetical.


2 fantastic articles. I like the fact that he is a realist. Everyone watching those games knows that he is under throwing his receivers. He has recognized this and is making adjustments that is fantastic. It is just refreshing to hear a player (especially a QB) come out and say this is what I have seen about my play and this is what I am doing to correct it.

I look forward to Friday night football.

Come on sigpig, we don't want those kind of articles here. They don't serve the purpose of player bashing or second guessing the coaches and management. :smiley:

Very sensible, and very correct. I'd just like to note that He Who Tolls the Bell for Eakin did not write them. 8)

Why do you think I left his articles out, ty? lol

It is refreshing to read the comments of Maas. I don't think it's a matter of "throwing harder" as much as it is in leading the receivers and putting some touch on the ball. Once he starts doing that the long game will open up the short game and the run.

Could it also be that our recievers are a tad bit faster than Edmonton's were/are?