2 games down and I'm saving money due to price hikes

After attending the D.A. QB challange in pre-season and seeing the price hikes I made the commitment to my family that "Daddy's gonna save money this year".
2 Games attended so far and I've bought 2 bottles of water and 1 pop.
I've already saved almost $100 dollars in 2 games and it's so easy. :thup: As a quick observation from '05 we'd typically buy food (aka: dinner) at every game, numerous beers from pregame & throught the game plus some extra munchies as the game wore on BUT not this year.
I'm truely hoping MORE fans / customers do this and do so to prove a point. While a price increase is typically acceptable the gouge the organization and their concessions contractor have shown are UNACCEPTABLE. :thdn:
Will they reduce their prices when the 1% GST is reduced? :?
We'll have to wait and see.

I don't understand why we complain so much in Hamilton about concessions... there is one constant in pro sports:

--FOOD & DRINKS are rediculously priced... its not worse here than anywhere else... Raptors, Jays, Argos, Leafs, Icedogs, Bulldogs, Sabres... if you don't want to pay.. eat/drink before or sneak your stuff in!

Wasn't really complaining (as I'm saving money by doing what you said) however by the looks of the poll most people disagree with you and the state of the concessions new pricing.