2 Game Total Point Semi Final

All good points. But as far as spending time with our families? When we had our first child I cared not whether it was a boy or a girl. Our off spring would soon develop a taste for the CFL. The first two words that came from her lips were: foot ball. In my house, my wife and my children watched football together with me. It was family time. It was a chance to bond. My wife prepared delicious snack food while I reclined on the lazy boy. The little rugrat dutifully learned how to get up and change the channel whenever there was a commercial during the game. Back in those days we didn't have a remote. She was my remote. She only needed to learn how to count up to 10 as in 10 channel choices. Not bad for a two year old! Ahhhhh....those were the days. Now she's married and there are numerous little rugrats and ankle biters running loose.

That's all fine and dandy but the big question that needs to be answered.....Is she STILL a big CFL fan??

It'd make it way harder to sell playoff tickets. With 6 of the 9 teams getting a home playoff game every year, semi-final games would no longer feel special.

I'm afraid not mightypope. Not sure where I went wrong with that one. :oops: