2 DL, DB & RB Join Practice Roster

CFl Transactions - August 2012

August 4

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HAM ADD IMP Brock CAMPBELL (DB) South Dakota State
HAM ADD IMP Louis ELLIS (DL) Shaw University
HAM ADD IMP Brandon RUTLEY (RB) San Jose State
HAM REM UNS IMP Clement JOHNSON (DB) North Carolina State

Since they're bringing in a RB for the practice roster, Cobourne's days as a 'Cat are numbered (unless Walker gets injured between now and Labour Day). Remember, in the modern day CFL, "younger and cheaper" is better than "better".

This new RB was 9th in this ranking of the 50 best RBs in U.S. College Football last season:

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/976782-the-nations-50-best-college-football-running-backs-from-the-2011-season]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/9767 ... 011-season[/url]

He's also a returner.

As I look further at the "Top 50" article, it's a bit confusing. Rather than 9th, as I first read it, Rutley may actually be #43 on the list of 50.

I agree,
I think that with a $100K+ cap hit for a player that has not even dressed yet, that Avon would become expendable.
Right now Walker is doing a great job and IMHO is getting better with each start!

It could also mean that Terry Grant isn't ever going to play again because of his injury...

I doubt that. The team would have been free of it's obligation to Terry at the end of last season and could have save paying him this year. They continue to pay him his full contract while he's on the 9-Game Injured List, just as though he was playing. You could be correct though if they've got a recent bad prognosis on him and could release him early in Sept. when the 9-game period expires.

As Quickdraw was want to say: ‘Not so fast Bobalui!’.

Seems that this kid has also played ‘Nickel Back’, so whether he plays RB, or on the defense is yet to be determined.
This could be the 1st 2-way player we signed, since Garney Henley.

Talk about working/playing for your money…

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

There are rules regarding injuries and player compensation. I don't think a team can just release an injured player without paying him.

Maybe this should be a new thread, but for what it's worth I'm not a Chevy fan yet. The big knock on Cobb was that he couldn't the tough yards. Avon ran for over 900 yards last year and definitely got the tough ones. With Burris and the receiving corps do we need another Cobb or a RB who can block and get the tough yards? Furthermore, I'm nervous about a professional football player that doesn't know how to stay in-bounds when the team is trying to kill the clock. So maybe this new RB is to be a back-up for Avon's return.

I agree. I find there are two types of running backs, those that will take something small and turn it into something big, and those that will take nothing and turn it into something small.

Chevy, Cobb, Thigpen, even Lumsden, were the former types. Give them a little space, get them outside, throw a screen, basically find a way to get them out into the open in any way and they’ll take it to the house. All talented players but you have to create that space for them so they can show their stuff.
My two favourite backs, Troy Davis and Ron Williams, would take the ball, disappear amongst the line and through an act of magic, re-appear marked down 7 yards further down-field. These guys are a special breed.

Walker’s doing a good job and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but I’ll admit that I’d be more confident giving Cobourne the ball when we just want to run it up the gut for 3 yards.

I may be wrong, but my belief is that the team has to pay an injured player to the end of the season in which he was injured. Beyond that they my have an obligation to cover costs of rehab but not to continue to honour his contract when the player fails to pass the Training Camp physical.

It used to be that teams had two backs, the primary runningback (or halfback in the really old days) who was a dangerous runner given a chance, and the fullback who would get the tough yards up the middle when the team needed them. At some point fullbacks evolved into tight ends, never carrying the ball out of the backfield, and runningbacks are now expected to be hybrids, able to get long yards and short yards.

If we only need a yard or two, how about putting Fournier in the backfield and let him bull his way through the pile?

I'd go with Stephenson over Fournier.

That would work too. But basically the idea is that the regular runningback doesn't have to be both slash and crash.

Ellis didn't last long. Hardly around long enough to learn what a TimBit is.

CFL Transactions - August 8, 2012

HAM REM UNS IMP Louis ELLIS (DL) Shaw University