2 days to. . .

da bomba's OL.

Now that they've set their eyes on a truck named Smith; can we suspect our OL (the most important facet on the team. . .) will finally stop underachieving?

Here's the truth:

The backfield will be a lot different with Smith.

Quite frankly we know Fred Reid is a baller, the guy wants this badly.

It all rests on the OL response, which has been inconsistent all season. I know this OL can play better. . . they have to in order to make the play-offs. It really is: the more our OL get used to Smith, knowing what he needs to accomplish, will help elevate their game.

....you're right about the o lines performance....not as sharp as they could be...however injuries have played a part in that.....Question....////Why has the team not addressed the situation with Sheridan...something smells ...and its starting to become an issue with a lot of fans....Just whats going on Taman??????We sign the guy as one of our top fas' and he sits in limbo....I'm beginning to think the team is trying to bury something here .. and its starting to reek...Taman should give us some kind of up-date???????

The thing with Sheridan most likely appears to be dead wood, nothing is going to change it. Sheridan is being treated as if he doesn't exist, and that's supposed to be part of the magic trick. Hear no evil, see no evil.

Pretty obvious they are going with the young guys on the line. Sheridan has been all but banished from the team, and when he comes off the 9 game ir something will have to be done with him.

Both Reid and Smith are expected to get the ball, and I bet the o-line is looking forward to it.

All that matters is offense, I want an offense, which lives and dies with the OL. I think a running game might open the floodgates, finally.