2 Critical Plays....

  1. Roughing the kicker, Thanks Hitch.

  2. Ralph goes over the middle and makes a catch, takes a step (maybe 2) and on the way down has control. Hits the ground and its called incomplete.

EARTH TO COACH MARSHALL - YOU GET 1 FREE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You saw us get potentially screwed on the one challenge, why not try it? There is no punishment for a wrong challenge at that poinnt. Same thing happened last week on a fumble that they didnt call. I dont care if we were right or wrong, its not the issue.


i dont think coach marshall like the idea of challengeing because we have to be the team that has done it the least.

I wouldn't challenge the Ralph catch...which I thought he didn't have control of.

But, it's a good thing...because Montreal recovered his "fumble"...which it wasn't.

Down by contact with a completion?

I'll check the replay later.

Bottom line is at that point, on 2nd down with the worst kicker in the CFL coming on the field, try the challenge.

I also thought that he might have challenged the call in the first quarter when ACfumbled and we recovered but they ruled him down. On the next play they kicked to Holmes and it bounced off his foot and put us in a hole. The Als Challenged that play but we might have had the ball in their end if we challenged the previous play.