2 Coaches Gone - 1 will be hard to replace

I am actually happy to see Mike Working Gone, he has done nothing to help Kevin Glenn or any of the other Qb's on this club. Now we can finally bring in someone to help Kevin with his game and bring in a quality back-up. First of all with Working gone it opens up the dooe for a former QB who might be interested in the job, maybe Matt Dunnigan (fat chance) or ??? .... I also think the BB'S should go after Damon Allen (he will have to accept backing up somewhere) and i think he and Kevin would be a winning combo.Leading the list of candidates for this position as rumoured are Kevin Stasser who is friends with Berry and was recently let go as offensive co-ord of the Als.

As far as Gregg Butler (Defensive Backs Assistant) he will be a hard one to replace, he was a big reason for the Defense turnaround last year.

...Working is no loss....Berry could have handled that position and probably would have got the same results from Glenn or better....Berry did a great job with Calvillo in Mont. ...and i can see him taking the job this year ....Strasser ex-Mont. coach will probably get a call from the Bombers....don't know much about this guy...only that Berry made a few nice comments about him....we'll see what happens there :roll: Butler was tough to lose....but like the ol' saying goes....nobody is irreplaceable...i.m just glad Greg Marshal is still with us....now that would have really hurt if he would have moved on....i would say the next head-coaching gig that comes up will probably go his way.... if that happens ...We better start putting some quality people in place NOW...to fill that eventual vacancy :rockin:

Agree with both of you that Mike Working going is not a big deal, Butler on the other hand was loved by the players and did a great job, I am sure that Marshall has somebody in mind as he is a master at putting together the right people. I do not have that same faith in Gibson however.