2 Championships, 2 injured Quaterbacks

I found it interesting how there are two football championships this weekend, Grey and Vanier Cups, and both involve good teams with injured quarterbacks. Glavic and his torn ACL for St. Mary's, and Kevin Glenn with his broken arm for Winnipeg.

Both teams were expected to do well. Now it seems like they both are underdogs, that could very well still come up with wins.

I just thought it was kind of interesting.

I think even if Glavic was playing, St. Mary's would still be the underdog. The Bisons have absolutely rolled over Regina and Western.

What's interesting is that if both the Bombers and Bisons win this weekend, it would only be the second time a CFL city won a championship the same year the city won a Vanier Cup. Edmonton did it in the early 80's. Winnipeg also had the chance in 2001, but both teams came up short :frowning:

But SMU played the #1 team. And beat them 24-2. I think both games will be close.

Not to get off track, but what was the score in the UWO game? It's not listed on their website.

I'm surprised we did as well as we did considering we started 0-4.

I'm pretty sure it was 52-20

The defence has been dominate. Big hits, sacks, picks, stuffing the run. The offence has statred out slow, but then take over as the game gets in the second.

Wow. That's embarrassing. I was kind of hoping the score would have been a little closer than that! :lol: :lol: