2 Breaking Rumours - reporting this evening - new coach?

Like to inform you since many of you are Tiger Cat fans, right? That there are some big news surfacing around the CFL.

First, the rumour is that Rob Katz has spoken to Mike Kelly former Winnipeg Blue Bomber o/c back in the early '90s about taking over the coaching job in Hamilton. The rumour goes as far as Bob Young flying Kelly and his family to Hamilton as soon as tomorrow to show him around.

The second rumour is that city of Ottawa is prepared to sell the Shoreback land to Eugene Melnyk, that might start his process to purchasing the Ottawa football franchise and then taking over the entire Landsdowne park.

To quote our Caretaker:

"We do not comment on rumours".

marty strikes again

are you sure it isn't CapitalTD?

A source of mine told me that Bob is flying Cal Murphy and Sami Garza to Carolina so he can get them drunk so he can trick them into signing life time contracts to coach the team, Cal hc, Sami o.c.

just as long as he doesnt bring in Sammy Garza

beats the heck outta me

Hmmm. Ottawa's my home town and I've been back here for awhile.
Amazing how I've never heard of Shoreback land -- certainly not anywhere near Lansdowne.

City would never sell all of Lansdowne to Melnyk or anyone else. It makes too much money.

Where's that fishing/trolling smilie when you need it. :lol: :lol:

Sobrien,you must really be able to relate to us Ti-Cat fans eh?

Hope you're back in the mix next year. :thup:

Mike Kelly was OC in WPG from 92-96.
He ran those potent offenses (most of those years) with Dunnigan, Gerald Wilcox, Gerald Alphin, Blaise Bryant, Robert Mimbs and Mike Richardson.

Always seemed to have a great,balanced attack.

I am with Sobrien on this one....I live in Ottawa and have never heard of the Shoreback land...

count me for another person who lives in Ottawa and never heard of Shorebank.

besides, it seems that a lot of people forget how the 67s play at Lansdowne as well. I wonder if Jeff Hunt would like to have the building owned by Mylnek instead of the city.

I've never heard of Mike KELLY.......could you be talking about Mike RILEY...cuz that would make sense...at least the name would.

More information on Mike Kelly can be found at http://drexel.edu/academics/goodwin/fac ... /kelly.asp .

Oski Wee Wee,