2 Argo home games rescheduled

I received this correspondence from the Argonauts just moments ago:

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club has announced that it has changed the dates of a pair of home games at Rogers Centre. The game originally scheduled for Thursday, August 25 against the Calgary Stampeders will now be held one day earlier on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24. The Thursday, September 29 contest vs. the Ottawa Renegades has been moved to WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. Kickoff for both games remains at 7:30 p.m. with TSN and 640 Toronto broadcasting both games live as planned.

The need to move these games was determined by the time required to convert the playing surface at Rogers Centre in advance of a pair of Toronto Blue Jays’ homestands. Officials with Rogers Centre state that between 39 and 40 hours are now required to properly complete the conversion of the stadium from its football configuration to that of a baseball diamond. Beyond the time required to lay in the pallets of FieldTurf, considerable effort is put into the installation of the warning track, the new outfield videoboards and the construction of the pitching mound, bullpen mounds and base cutouts.

Keith Pelley, President & CEO of the Toronto Argonauts, commented, “We want to thank our fans in advance for their continued support of the Argos. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes cause our fans and fellow CFL teams. We did everything we could with the full cooperation of Rogers Centre to avoid these changes.�

Pelley continued, “When we originally crafted our 2005 regular season schedule, there was still some question as to what type of playing surface would be installed in Rogers Centre, however, we strongly believed as a consolidated group that we could make these two Thursdays feasible. Early in the season, we recognized that the conversion process now takes more time than we had originally anticipated. We have been working with Rogers and FieldTurf for the last month to expedite the conversion but after exhausting every possibility, it was clear after the August 1 home game that we would not be able to accommodate the extremely tight turnaround time for these games.

“We want to let our fans know that under our newly arranged lease with Rogers Centre, where we have the first selection of dates after the Blue Jays, conflicts of this sort will be avoided in the future.�

Personally, I think this sucks as the whole promise of the team staying at the RogersCentreSkyDome was to avoid these crappy mid-week games. Thursday night games are less bad because it's ok to be useless at work for one day, but those Wednesday ones are a bit harder to take.

They had their chance for their own stadium and they blew it.
Just kidding, not that big of a deal I guess.

Only in Toronto...

Look at it this way something great to watch on TV on a Wed night.
Then again now there is nothing on on Thursday night

Good point ro1313....and at least they are giving out plenty of notice. I'd hate to be that guy showing up to the empty stadium on Thursday night

Its already been changed on the schedule page.

Ugh! Also means another short week as the Argos play in Edmonton on Saturday the 20th. 3 days rest again.

I Remember Two Years Ago The Argo Game Had To Be reschedualed After The Eastern Seaboard Blackout. Both An Argo Game And The Toronto Import Fest (Car Show, Civics And Imprezas Mostly) The Car Show Had Been Reschedualed For A Friday Two Weeks In Advance, The Argo Game Was Then Held The Saterday. (I Think It Was Against Calgary And Toronto Had A Buy That Week And Calgary Was Going To Play 2 Games That Week). The Car Show Ended At 12:00 Friday Night And The Turf Needs To Be Set Up By 10:30 The Next Morning For The Player, Cheerleaders, Etc. So They Could Do It In 8 1/2 Hours Two Years Ago But Now Because Of A Video Screen And Fancy Pitchers Mound It Takes Twice As Long?

Also, Why Allow The Argos To Book A Game If They Didn't Think They Would Beable To Fit It In. And I Know That In The Skydome The Jays Get First Dibs But Why Not Have The Jays Play A Double Header On Saterday, They Do It South Of The Boarder All The Time, Why Not Do It Here?

…woah, sucks to be the argos…for the calgary game you only get three days of rest and time to prepare following an away game in edmonton…not too fair…

Unless U2 , is playing at the BIG O :wink:

and TORONTO, still has a PRO baseball team. :smiley:

I have no problem with this.............it does say, that this will not happen next year.........and the R.C deal.........was done after, the CFL/MLB SCHEDs................were made!

no problem…just means football weekend starts one dau early

EXCELLENT, great point! :lol: :smiley:

Now I definately can't make those games. I'll bet those will be the worst attended games of the season. Live and learn.

The holiday Monday games are great! I went to the Thanksgiving classic last year, the Civic holiday game this year and I plan on getting to the Thanksgiving game again this year and the Labour Day game in the Hammer!

So in the official game of being kicked out of your own Stadium

Toronto leads by a score of 4 to 1

I agree with having bad attendance at the games. It just isn't a really convienient day for the majority of the fans.

But has anyone seen them changing the layout at the Rogers Center? I've seen Argos and a part of a Jays game on TV but and having a hard time figuring out all the movment they have to do.

When U2 came to the Big O, the Als didn’t have to reschedule the game. They just played it in a different venue.

and why was that?

I agree, but this doesn’t only happen in Toronto as , THRID and 10 , wrote.

And since I pay for ARGO season tickets and have no problem with this…the questions remains…why do some people who are not ARGO fans, even care? …

Are they just trying to start something…?
Maybe some people should practise what they preach [not you] :wink: