2-6 Lions vs 2-6 Argos

The last 14 meetings with Toronto the B.C. Lions post a 12-2 record. That's a huge feat to say the least. After these back to back games are played and looking at the schedule for the remaining games on these two teams; B.C. may the edge IMO.

13-2 has a nice ring to it! :smiley:

I see a split. Not because I think one team is any better than the other, but because I don't think either is capable of winning both ends of a home and home against anyone.

If not for the Roughies this would be game one of the Toilet Bowl. :lol:

I think the owner would like it if his teams split the season series.

Despite their records now, this series is going to be a war, wouldn't wanna miss it.

considering there fighting each other for the last playoff spot... its definately an important matchup

Braley v Braley for the coveted Toilet Bowl title. :roll:

I'm an Argo fan and even I'm not excited about this turkey. Give me Edm-Cal or Sask-Win, at least there's history there. And a lot of hate for the opponent.

When life throws you a lemon, you make lemonade, even when turkeys on the menu.

or a tur-duck-in...

I'm still going to watch because;

1 - I'm an Argos fan
2 - I'm a CFL fan and watch every game.

It's not the game I'm looking forward to this week. Maybe if they awarded the series winner with a trophy with a toilet instead of a cup on top it might be more interesting. 8)

i think the argos take both games, plus the following meeting with the riders and wind up at 5-6

I agree.

The battle of the Titans.
I expect each home team will win.

I hope that argos win and the following two as well... though i think i am asking for a bit much...

just found out my awesome fiancee picked up tickets to this fridays game. should be fun!

The Lions have to be the favorites in this right?

Labour Day Weekend is about rivalries. Why on Earth is Toronto going against BC?

It makes no sense to me. None.

what do you mean? argos and lions have one of, if not the biggest rivalry in all of sports. :lol:

Not as big as the Alouette-TiCat rivalry.

CFL knows best. :wink:

Lions favoured By a 1.5 points. I really like Cleo Lemon to win this game.