2-5??? OH MY.... Can't Be! yes... haha

woo hoo.... Oh im so sad... oh wait, no im not!?! YES!!

:rockin: 2-5,2-5,2-5,2-5!!

lol again cfl, you need a life pal, instead on hating the esks all the time and making your self and your life look pathetic, Edited because the poster has no class whatsoever!

Sad how he tries to deflect the attention away from the fact that the Eskies are in last place!

Sadder still how he feels he must insult somewho is not even part of the discussion!

The Eskimos deserve it, I don't care if I have no class in regards to the Esks losing! I hate them enough to be this way!

I thought there was a rule you mods made saying we can't go into other teams forums talking trash about said team? oh right, i forgot we were in the Eskimos room where all the 2nd tier teams (all 7-8 of you, depending if and when Ottawa decides it wants to be here) have been waiting for this longer than i've been alive (and I'm well in my 30's) so it's fair game? Funny how there's always one rule for all other teams and a seperate one for the Esks because we are just that hated by all of you for our tradition of winning and attendance no other franchise here can come close to even touching. That's...uh...fair?

Well make sure to have your fun now during this blip of time while the flagship and only true dynasty team in this league is struggling, cause you all know even if we actually miss the playoffs this year, or even for the next few years (let's just say, hey it might not be a bad thing, get the fire back into this franchise), it won't last long. so guess you gotta come over here and take your cheap shots while you can...cause you've never had much opportunity to in the past, and you probably won't that much in the future, either.

A little sensitive, aren't you? A "woohoo" on the Eskies losing is trash talk? :roll:

BTW, if every other team is 2nd tier, what does that make the Eskies? 10th tier? Currently, Hamilton could kick their asses out of Commonwealth.

Why even bother making idiotic threads like this in the first place? I haven’t seen any other teams being trashed in their own forums.

because the Esks are the worst hated team in the League.. everyone who's not an Eskimo or an Eskimos Fan, wants to see the team miss the playoffs.

I am not awair of any such rule because some Eskies fans are famous for it!
These ribbings are directed at those fans and they know who they are!

However after reading your flagship and only true dynasty comment all I can say is

2and5 2and5 the eskishmoes are 2and5!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

ro, that's a little unfair.....Esquimaux is right in feeling unjustly treated.....after all, there are only a couple idiots who deserve the comments that are being tossed around, and yet they're seemingly coming to all the Esk fans.....kinda like how the Rider fans were all lumped in together last year.....

I don't blame Maux for lashing out one bit.

Well thank you jm02 and thank you especially for knocking me down a peg after you read that horrible tirade i went on after reading that post ro made. I feel better that I erased it. I didn't mean to lump all mods together it was poor choice of words and plain old unthinking on my part to use such encompassing words like 'you mods' and 'all you mods' cause lord knows I don't really think that of most mods and especially of you. I just want there to be a little more uniformity in the way all teams forum rooms are modded, and don't feel all fans of the Eskimos should be lumped in the same group with a few wingnuts.

Do not be concerned Esk backers..
The double-E will get the last laugh.
Remember their problems last year?
I said then - and it applies again this season - that this team is so talented, so deep, so well-coached and managed - that it merely has to make the playoffs (which it will) then get on a roll to win the Cup that is their virtual birthright. The players DO have the ability to turn it on. They are probably bored and underwhelmed by their opponents. I would not advise this for other teams, of course.. but for Edmonton, it seems to work!

Are you kidding us?

Hmmm, no arrogance there, is there? :roll:

Common Maux!
I was only teasing you!

i don't intend the post to come off as arrogant, although i see in retrospect it could be construed as such.
But the Esks just have too much talent, pride, etc. to let this slump continue. It's not how you start, it's how you finish!