2.4 million watched CFL Sunday

WOW. That has to be a regular season record or close to it. That is damn amazing. I know 2 very good teams went at it. Also i do not think Live Mic had anything to do with it.

Just great scheduling and a perfect day. Sunday Nights all right for CFL in summers.

@paulosenra: 2.4 million Canadians tuned into the first-ever Live Mic Broadcast regular season #CFL game on @TSN_Sports last night. #CFLWired

[url=https://twitter.com/paulosenra/status/770350637431201793]https://twitter.com/paulosenra/status/7 ... 7431201793[/url]

Can't figure that out because the last Sunday night game on July 31st had one of the lowest ratings, around 400k.
So it would have to be because of the live mic hype not because it was a Sunday night game.

Just so there is not any confusion - 2.4 million was not the average viewership for the game. It was how many Canadians watched at least a part of the game. That's a good number - but note it is not the average viewership number that is what is used for regular ratings reports.

There are three numbers that we sometimes hear related to TV ratings.

1 - the average number of viewers. This is what we usually hear for ratings and are the numbers reported weekly in the TV ratings thread. We don't yet know what that number is for the Cats- Stamp game - although from another tweet we know it is less that the Riders-Bombers game last Labour Day Sunday which was 1.18 million.

2 - The Total number of viewers that watched at least a part of the game. So that would be the total number of Canadians who watched at least a few minutes of the game. That is what the 2.4 million reported is referring to. Excellent number about one in every 14 Canadians checked in on the game at some point.

3 - Peak audience. The highest audience at any one time in that game (usually late in the game of a close game)

Just a sample of how those numbers relate to each other (and apologies for using numbers from a Jays game but this was the first press release I found with an example of all three. This from one of their playoff games when they eliminated Texas last year.)

1 - Average - 4.85 million (this would be the number used in ratings reports)
2 - Total - 11.5 million (this number is the one that corresponds to the 2.4 million)
3 - Peak - 8.1 million (the number watching when the game ended)

Just want to be sure people understand what that 2.4 million refers to. Great number for total viewers of a regular season game - but we are still waiting for the actual average viewership ratings number that is the number we usually refer to when discussing ratings.


I'm not sure if "2 very good teams went at it" - and that is coming from a Ticat fan. :wink:

We are a very good 2nd half team Kevin. Does that count as half a good team? lol


Average viewer numbers for the game 700,000. (see all the numbers in ratings thread)

Not bad considering it was the ONLY decent game from the weekend - Friday thru Sunday.