2-4 as of Monday...

Let's not buy a couple of new cannons for the stadium just yet :wink: but holly #%@# is the next one looking a little better then two weeks ago. I read a post just before the last game claiming the Bombers could be 0-6 or even 0-8 before a win came. (can't remember who posted) I guess that post has been answered, so now comes a big road clash VS TOR.

Well we all know about Toronto's fate in playing 2 games and 4 day's( The Bombers Know first hand about poor scheduling) But we will take it. The first break the Bombers have gotten all year ( except for the one they pulled off last week in dieing minutes of the 4th)

The Blue are fired up. They should be. Comming off a huge win ( the 12th highest scoring game in CFL history I beleive). Most Media meatballs claimed it a fluke victory ( THE BIG UPSET) I disagree. The Bombers are back. :twisted: The Bomber's VS The Boatmen Bombers by 10.. And here's why...

  1. The Argo's Play twice in four day's (sucks to be them)
  2. The Bombers are alot better then we all realized, Toronto is not.
  3. We need to make John Feugill's home comming a little Blue and Golden.
  4. "BLINK" (Need I say more)
  5. Holly #@ We have a O LINE ( Knock on Wood)
  6. Wes Lysack will be looking to collect past due rent from Arlan Bruce, if he play's. (Remember Ben "OOCH THAT HURTS" Cahoon)
  7. "TEE" Time is over. It's back to playing football baby.. :twisted:
  8. EAST can't stand up to the WEST (stat's speak for themselves 3 teams in the West have better records then Top East team Mont & TOR, and only one of them will be 3-2 by Friday night.
  9. Bombers are on a mission and have nothing to lose and alot to gain in a tough West Division

By the way Bomber fans add any more reasons I have missed...

i think you should slow down a little. are we improved. yes. but we still require some time before we start expecting to win all of our games. i am calling wpg to win a close one on monday. not because i believe we are better than to right now but mostly bc i am hoping mont is going to tire em out for us. our o line looks like it is starting to gel. that is why roberts has looks better. roberts never lost a step he just lost all his blocking for a few weeks. our receivers still need to pick up their game, special teams has looked terrible for the most part this year, might be improving. glenn is vastly better than tee. but then again so is almost any qb in the league at this time. glenn still has a long way to go before we can expect him to win games for us. he won't lose them for us as tee did but he doesn't win them yet either. secondary is still questionable. played very well for calgary, edm and half of mont but got picked apart frequently against mont in the second half. i feel good about our d line. quite solid and should continue to improve. coaching is also still a big ?. that third down gamble against mont with the lead and over a yard to go while in our end of the field???? i still can't understand that.

we have potential to be very good. with a solid qb and receivers who do their job, we could do well. for now, we remain a team with lots o potential that could win any given night but can not yet expect too.

I have no problems with the secondary. Calvillo is a veteran QB and has picked apart the best secondary’s in the league. For our secondary to step when they needed it was great to see. Oh and by the way I still don’t think that was a catch by Cahoon in the back of the endzone.

I honestly think that any team in the CFL right now can beat the Argos. Their running game is non existant, but you still have to contain Allen. Their receivers, considering that its the same group as last year, haven’t produced like all the so-called experts thought. BTW it sounds like Bruce is out for the game against the Als, so I don’t know what his status will be come Monday.

In the mean time the Bombers are starting to gel and they are starting to develop a swager. They know this is a good team, they will continue to get better as the season progesses.

Hold On Blackdale, I don't want to question your Bomber faith as a fan, but speaking for the pro athletes who play for the Bombers. Well they BETTER be expecting to win every night. I myself expect the Bombers to win every game they play. I don't expect them to lose, or wish them too. That's just CRAZY. I don't give a #$@# if we give up 50 points on D, as long as we score 51 on O. I don't know if you have already folded on this season or not, But I Havn't. You may be just another skeptic Expecting the Bombers to Lose, but it is my hopes that the Majority of Bomber Faithfulls have more faith then yourself. I respect your opinion, but will never agree with you.
Ugly or not the Bombers are looking to turn this season around. We pounded Mont last week and got soft on a great team comming off a bye week in the 4 quarter. It was Kevin Glenn Who didn't give up and found Milt for the Winner. That's a winning QB, No matter how many yards he threw for. When you are holding the Grey Cup over your head in November. Stats don't mean nothing. The scoe don't mean nothing. It's the W that counts.


no one can accuse me of giving up on this team.. all off season everyone was saying we had no potential and very few people were in here continuously defending them. why was this. bc i expect them to lose?? that would make no sense. am i a fan who will say we will win every game and defend every player or decision they make?? that would be foolish. you can be a diehard fan and be rational at the same time. i know many people find this hard to accept. i will never suggest the bombers do not have a lot of potential. but to suggest we have arrived and become the team to beat at this point is wrong. The W is important and helps with the confidence of the team but it is not enough. if a player on our defence is happy with giving up that many points in the second half last week he needs to be worked over. any player that misses a tackle or drops a catchable ball should not see that as acceptable. they should want that elusive perfect game every game. i hate failed execution. I support this team regardless of the outcome and have done so for well over twenty years. that has not always been easy.

youexpect them to win every game??? give me a break. we do not have the best players in the league or the best coaches. if any player coach or fan expects to go 18-0 they are being ridiculous. I expect every player to play as though they can win any game and they better expect to complete their assignment successsfully each play regardless of the score.
I said kevin glenn did what he needed to to win. kudos to him. his passing did not look good though. td pass to regimbald- underthrown could easily have been an int if regimbald didn't fight for that ball. td to stegal underthrown good thing stegall adjusted and strickland fell down. had those two gone the other way we would have lost and people would be complaining about how much we still need to improve. now everyone is yay we're the best but we need to accept the fact that we do still have a long way to go.

this is a very poorly written post. sorry to all who endured that but hopefully you get the idea.

in short- skeptic no but i am honest about the state of my team.
if we continue to play as we have so far we will be very lucky to see the playoffs never mind hold the cup.
we have the potential with some improvements to do both.

and i do expect the blue and gold to win on monday but it will be a good game.

Again I respect Ya Blackdale, But can't agree. I do agree on one point. We could use a better coach and GM. I think the Bombers are better then any team in the east. We showed it agaainst Mont, our first look at the east. Cybergomer said it best. Calvillo chews up alot of secondarys. Have you seen his carrer pass yards? I pay my hard earned dollars to purchase season tickets to watch my team Win. I expect it. Does it happen all the time. No. Come on. We as a team needed a win when everyone said it wouldn't happen. Before the Win last week we played a hell of a game against one of the leagues power houses (by payrole only) A game we should have won. People say Ray had a bad game. I think the Bomber D and Coach Rust out smarted Ray and the Esks. A big play won the game for them. Sometimes it takes a big play to beat a good team and thats what Edm did. Then we really shut people up by comming back from a last minute loss to winning a big one in the last minutes. One that should have been done at half time. The Bombers almost gave it back, but didn't. Remember a few years back when we made it to the grey cup. We were not blowing every team away. We just did what we needed to win. Forget the big money guys. We still have a team. a team is stronger then any one guy making $460 000. I beleive the wheels are rolling again in Bomberville. Two wins against BC and the Bombers could still finish 1 or 2.

Bombers by 10. Have faith, The reinbold days are over.

Pegger were going to put few more timbers in the door of the Lower fort Gary on Monday..the boat men are a comming, were going to load up the cannons and send those argo's home smelling like the sewer scum they are.

Arrrrrr billy...sent dem scervy boatman back to dee pollute waters they cames from.....Arrrrrrr.

ARRRbdar....t...we'll ready the bayonets and stickum in dee gut..oo

Well I've always said the Bombers were a good team this year dispite the current record they have. I'm pulling for them all season and the only game the Bombers really played bad was against us in Saskatchewan, but keep in mind that was a healthy Sask team with Matt Dominguez and the others firing on all cylinders. No shame losing that one. But come Labour Day will be a different story.

Now against TO the chance to win is definitely going to present itself. In my opinion TO's record is above their actual play, so this is indeed a winnable game for the Bombers. Now the rest issue, I highly doubt that will effect anything. The Argos hardly looked tired after the game vs the Als. It will more or less be how will Glenn do against Toronto's defense, and can special teams make some big plays and help the defense keep Toronto in check. Even a good punt return can turn the tide in Winnipeg's favor.

This game will go to the Argos and we'll fall to 1-5. It's just that simple.

....sucks to be 1-5......just sucks....


So anyone want to make a topic claiming we'll have a winniing record by the end of the year?

I thought so.

well i guess we just gotta keep our chins up, but our D needs to step it up, now

so winnerpegger, you still think we are ready for the big leagues. as i said, we have potential and are improving but we have not made it there yet. still some notable problems that need to be looked at before we are a complete team. hoefully they realize this because if they don't make any changes we will not get there. pessimistic you call it, i see it as honest. i don't believe in self deception because it keeps you from reaching your true potential. i for one am not yet happy at the level of ball the blue are playing. if you are great keep filling the seats. i think the results speak for themselves.

Did that feel good. They lost.
Hat's off to Damon Allen.
By the way lyle, do you still think Bruce was not worth $2000 a game?
Shit you pay MaGarity $90.000 up front and out right release him. What a waist of cash.
I still see hope in the Bombers. We lost by 7, not 17,27,37 or 47 points. We were beat by the best damn QB in the league bottom line.
Do I still expect this team to win. Damn Rights.
I have one more question for you. Do you think the Bombers are the bottom feeders of the league?

Nope.....As Far as best QB in the CFL...nope...bottum feeders?...the game against the Stamps will tell the season I think....if the loose...yup....we be da bottum...

1-6 as we stand... yay...