2-4. 2-4 Esks are gonna be 2-4!

This game will be fun to watch, as an Alouettes Fan!!..

I can see them winning by 13 pts at least.

5-0 Als vs a 2-3 Esks.. ummmm

The Als are ready for them, and they aren't coming into Edmonton expecting a cakewalk..

But it will be!!!

The natives will be restless now…Two home losses in a row!

im kind of surprised with the lack of offence by Edmonton. They got a great QB, great receivers and a great Running Back. And they all played together before. Is this a new strategy or playbook? Cause the Defence and Special teams are certainly not the problem.

I hope Edmonton solves the problem soon, cause I'd hate a team with Edmonton's calibre to not make the playoffs

I was listening to the Radio last night, here on 630 ched in Edm.. and the Guy was getting angry cause all the fans calling in were being negative about the Esks and calling for Maccioca's Head on a platter...

what a moron


What are they saying on the radio about the Eskies problems?

From the Outside looking in. I think the secondary is an area of concern. (Durden far too many PI flags) Do they miss Brady? Can the resign him back?

Also, not wanting to beat a dead horse, but is Lancaster Junior's offensive schemes a problem? I know, I know, you won a grey Cup last year with Junior as OC, but with all the speed Hervey and Tucker bring, I don't recall to many long "Bombs away" style passing. Just a couple of questions.