2.37 points per quarter.....

......in the last 2 games. Hmmmm......Not sure if that'll be good enough in the playoffs. :slight_smile:

Sure it will. Our defense will just have to hold Montreal and Winnipeg to 8 points or less and we will be fine. :wink:

And only one offensive touchdown in the last 9 quarters of play will not get us very far in the playoffs.

This anomaly can't continue. Glenn needs to connect in the red zone in the ESF, otherwise fuggatabboutit.

at the same time, it's not over til it's over. (fingers crossed)

It won't continue. The last two games were meaningless (mostly), and the last one had many significant regulars sitting out.

Hi Captain:

Yes, let's remember that the Argos played their starters and Hamilton had a number of their's in street clothes. The bluers were auditioning for their jobs next year and the Cats were trying to get through the game healthy and ready for next week.

Marcel even stated that they were going vanilla in this game so as to not give next week's opponent anything to chart. Meantime, their playoff rivals will be going all out this weekend to position themselves for first in the east and against teams that also have something to shoot for. This could mean injuries and the possibility that they will have to show some things that the Cats can ready for.

Montreal and Winnipeg aiming for home advantage in the playoffs for these last couple of games have both stumbled badly. They have both lost 2 of their last 3 games. So the Tiger cats have not been the only ones who've had a case of the inconsistencies lately.

I'm still worried about what kind of team is going to show up next week wearing the black and gold. But their opponents should be equally concerned about the same problem with their own personnel.