2/3 Through The Season - No GC Favorite

Bye now, there is normally a team or 2 that is king of the mountain .
Not at this moment. IMO there is no clear cut favorite.

Ham took the worst hit. Cal and Edm do not look impressive. Tor is building some steam and Ott is up and down.
Mtl looks good on D but they can not decide on a QB.

The Stamps lost 2 solid guys on D, and picked up Mouth MacDonald.
He was that guy in Ott who taunted and caused his team a possible win in Tor.
Loosing Simpson is a major blow.

Huf must be desperate to pick him up.

Anyway the top 4 are not showing dominant power and a reach for 3rd in the West is a race to the finish.

I agree, but I'd say Calgary, right now, would be by far the best GC candidates. They always seem to play just well enough to beat the opposition by just a few points.

I say an Edmonton-Ottawa GC with an Edmonton win.

Cal - Edm.

Which ever hosts the WSF, needs to be focused. It will be easy to look past BC - Wpg or Mtl.

There could be an upset when you do not respect your opposition.

The recent Stamps - Bombers game showed that. A few weeks earlier, Stamps blew them out and did not take then serious in the rematch. Stamps were not focused and got a lucky win.

Same in the Lions - Esks game. Lions had their chances because Esks did not look focused.

Ott fans would love a chance for revenge. ( 1981 )

Disagree. I see Calgary as the favourite right now. Bets record in the league and the most consistent all season.

Edmonton has a great D, but Rielly has been everage at best the last 2 weeks. His numbers last week were good for a rookie but not for a vet in the playoff stretch.

Hamilton could surprise but without ZC they can’t be considered a favourite.

Ottawa still needs to prove they can win consistently against the best.

Montreal needs a QB. An offense. A defence. A head coach.

Toronto? :lol: :lol: :lol: Prior to Ottawa last weekend the Argos haven’t beaten a +500 team since week 1.

Well , I would have said Stamps are still the top team.

I couldn't , because I would be accused of being a homer showing favoritism.

Can't have that now can we.

Agreed. No real front-runner. But how about a Dark Horse GC2015 champion: the Ottawa RedBlacks.

I said it for then. I'm not a Stamps fan so no homerism here. 8)

If Ottawa fixes their special teams coverage then yes I agree. They have allowed too many long kick and punt returns this year. They have been able to score enough points on offense to bounce back but in the last game against Toronto they gave up a kick return for a TD and in the last two minutes when they had a chance to hold the Argos in their own end they gave up that 50 yard punt return which gave the Argos instant field position. They have an excellent offense and a good defense.

I had been thinking the same thing.

This season has been super underwhelming.. It still feels like it hasnt began. Teams still seem to be in early season form and any team that has put anything together has had its QB go down. The penalties cheepen everything.. You get a TD, but only becauause the other team took 2 or three penalties on the drive. I have been working night lately, so I havent seen too many games, but even the Labour Day games seemed to lack any kind of intensity that they usually do. I really hope that next year the league looks at increasing practice time and players are held accountable for their immature willingness to detroy this league.. Like why does a ref have to scream,"Let him go!!" on every punt?.. Why arent players who take unneccessary roughness penalties not fined 250 bucks by their team?.. Why do players insist or pushing a guy who is already on his way out of bounds? Why do players insist on taking stupid penalty after stupid penalty? Why do the refs insist on calling every penalty even if it had no bearing on the play? These issues have to be worked out for the CFL to become watchable again.. We are 2/3 of the way through the season and it feels like it hasn;t even began. I have reached the point that I don't even care who wins the game. I just want to watch a game and not blush at all at how embarrsing our league has become.. I watched a game with a couple of guys from Germany the other week, and after going on about how the CFL represented Canada as a whole, was terribly embarrased when they couldn't put together two plays with out flags flying everywhere.. One of the Germans joked that Canadians must be criminals if this represented our country.

Hey don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

...fixed it for ya bri

What does that mean?

It means he has no idea how the game is played or officiated.

Fuck you.. It means that on every punt that their is holding and that players are so undisiplined that the refs are begging them to not pull a flag.
Begging them

NO! It means the players on the line are engaged in blocking and in doing so are facing down field AWAY from the kicker and have no idea when the ball has been kicked. That is the official letting them know the ball is in the air. Do some research before you make more of a fool of yourself than you already have. Or have the decency to ask a question rather than just telling someone to ""]**** you".

On a side note, **** you is no different than actually typing the word according to board rules and quite clearly against those rules.

...again this week.

god, some of you people are ... wow. :roll: