2-2 was attainable

I think when I look back at this season I will be most disgusted that 0-4 start should not have been. Bad punts, dropped passes, etc at the most inopportune times cost the last 2 games. Starting 2-2 leaves hope until atleast Labour Day, now I’m thinking of skipping the game. :x

Makes me wonder if Wynn or Michna would got those few extra points needed to win. :?: Anyone else feel 2-2 was there for the taking?

Yeah with Wynn or Michna at the held we could have won the Saskatchewan and Calgary games and maybe last night and be 3-1!

You guys are dreaming.

Joe Montana couldn’t have won the Sask game.

It’s not all about the QB. Yes Martin stinks. But he did not single-handedly lose those games.

I said the last two games…ie Edm/Cal. The defence smothered the opposing offence the last couple of games. Just saying a even a little more offence would have translated into wins. I think Wynn or Michna may have done that.

Remember back when Tom Burgess was at the helm…not a great QB but had a great defence on the other side of the ball. All the Bombers need is an effective QB, not a superstar.

You know, the more I think about it, Winnipeg this year looks a lot like Calgary last year - very good defense, but suspect special teams, no bona fide #1 quarterback, and a very poor offense.

Calgary had a bad record last year, but most of their losses were in games where their defense kept it close. Sound familiar?

you say that like glenn has played alot of games but sucked every one, its called an injury

don’t bring calgary into this mess. Calgary at least won their first game.

You know that saying “Defense wins championships.” I don’t think it applys to the BB. Sure their D is good, but you need offense too. i think the bombers should get rid of tee, put in wynn. and get a coach.

Are you disputing that Calgary wasn’t a mess last year? I merely pointed out some similarities between Winnipeg and that team for a reason.

But you have a point - at least Calgary had a win under their belt by now.

at least every other team has been able to keep their starting QB injury free this year

2 -2 was very attainable, but we are 0 - 4, hopefully Glenn is ready for the Montreal game, he has played pretty well at home in the past, 4 - 2 as the starter at home last year I believe, if the defence continues to impress, who knows, maybe they can pull this one off, 1 - 4 would be alot better then 0 - 5.

if we are doing the calgary wpg comparison you can start by looking at our players. half are from calgary last year.