1st time to Commonwealth

Hey everyone, long time CFL lover (well, given my age) 1st time poster on the Eskis board.
I will be doing a drive through Edmonton on my way from Rosebud to Banff (I know, slightly out of the way, but I've never been to Edmonton so now's a good chance) and will be through just in time to see the game against the Riders.
Any advice on any good sections to sit in? Also any good places to grab a bite to eat before the game?

I'd try to get some seats in the lower bowl, even if you're around the goal-line or whatnot. Sections O and P(around the 10 yard line) are pretty rowdy sections and 35 bucks a game if I recall. Section C is the non-alcohol section and its generally pretty quiet, also about 35 bucks. The upperdeck is just too far away from the field and the action for my liking. Around the stadium, there aren't really any places to eat, so I can't really help you there. Hope you enjoy the stadium and the city!

I'd recomend sitting on the West side of the stadium so you don't have the sun in your eyes.

And as Esks123 said, the upper deck is wayyyyy to high and far away. Make sure to get tickets in the lower deck.

But, you may be out of luck if you haven't gotten your tickets left. Chances are there may only be upper deck seating left.

There should be over 50,000 at the game next Friday and the stadium only holds 60k.

Thanks a lot guys.
I can't wait to make it out to Edmonton and the game.

If you're into fine dining, there is an amazing restaurant not to far from the stadium.

It's called La Boheme.


Unless you're a Riders fan.. avoid the Riders Section! Where the majority of the Rider Fans sit.. You'll see the Green Colors mass producing in the section.

In other words... the cheapo bench seats underneath the scoreboard, in the endzone. :wink:

Well, you're gonna have a good time. I'll be there to, from Winnipeg.

And what other place are you going to go to eat?

TR's, Tony Romas! GRAB A SLAB! Pick up some pre-cooked ribs and put them on your own barby, with one of there world famous sauces! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.