1st time to Canad Inns

Hey everyone, long time CFL fan (well, considering age) 1st time poster on the Bombers board.
I will be doing a drive across the country on my way to the Banff Centre and will be making it though Winnipeg in time to see the game against the Stamps.
Any recomendations on a good section to sit in between the white, blue or golds?
Also, any good places to ea before the game?

try to get on the east side

I can vouch for that, go with the East side.

West side s-ucks!!!

If you like squinting into the sun, then the East side is great. I prefer seeing the game & sit West side. If you can get Platinum seats...get 'em. But any seat is great when watching the Bombers level the Stamps!!
As far as restraunts...Montana's is close to the stadium.

East side if you like the rowdy's/seated behind Stamps, West side if you like being in the shade/seated behind the bombers.

Section A = no drinking.

Do not sit North end zone unless you enjoy your ass being sore for 24 hours following the game.

Also, Moxeys in Polo Park is right by the stadium..AMAZING food(will be super busy 2 hours before gametime)

Regardless of where you sit, you will enjoy watching the Bombers demolish the Stamps.

EAST SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF CANADA INN!!!!

east side, west side, all the same smell :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

Sit on the east side if you're a die hard fan. I can vouch from being a continuous season ticket holder in the student section that the WEST SIDE SUCKS!!! and like someone else mentionned, don't waste your time in the north end zone. Also you don't want the upper deck..... still the same old metal shatty metal benches instead of seats.

Where to eat before the game? all of the foloowing restaurants are within walking distance:
-joeys (puts earls and moxies to shame)
-tony romas
-Mad Dog or Sizzlin Z's hot dog cart (best carts in Canada!)

Thanks for the advice everyone.
Can't wait to make it out to the game.


The Keg
Boston Pizza
Mother Tuckers

I was at the last home game, section X east side, don't be fooled in buying tickets that are close to center field, by now you'll find your self sitting thirty rows up n she's a long hike to the beer stands. If you reserve your seats now, you can score seats that are 10 to 15 rows up. The seats are on the Stamps side of field (East side), 20 to 30 yard line perhaps. Be ready for a good time, the section is crazy, good job section X..your the tops..

It should be noted that if you're cheering for the other team (or perhaps you want to wear a Cats jersey or something), you might get razzed less on the West side. As mentioned, the sun is in your eyes for half the game on the East (there's a reason why we put our opposition's bench there), though seeing as it's a night game in late October, the sun will be going down pretty early, so maybe it woun't be much of a factor.

The West side has sucked ever since 1980 when I first started going to games as a kid! Looks like nothing has changed since!