1st Round Pick

Lots of updates about Heenan wining and dining with the Esks. Kavis was interviewed and basically salivates talking about Ben Heenan.

It will be an interesting week. The Riders have 3 very good Cdn lineman under contract, Picard, Best (extended) and LaBatte? Wow.

Are we really thinking about two import tackles or are we in for a surprise and having 4 Cdn's start? The club has incredible depth here now, we're looking at a terrific O-line for years to come..............so long as these guys gel and get busy!

Heenan. We've bantered around the factors in other threads.

  1. He might get drafted NFL - we'll know by Sunday. He might get FA offer out of NFL. So might 3-5 other Cdn draft choices guys?
  2. Do we draft best guy or positional need (I think we figured we need receivers and/or D-line if we go position).

As far as I can tell we have the Esks and anyone else by the balls. If they want Heenan that badly then step up with a stupid good offer or don't waste time? I think everyone see's Heenan's future like a Makowsky/Flory/Walby. Think about having a all-star player for 8-12 years?????? Not sure how you pass that up?

I am trying to think what type of Canadian starter is out there that we need? And this starter has to be a really good one, not just a starter? Plus we'd want in exchange high 1st round pick so they can get Chambers (positional need at receiver).

My opinion............we draft Heenan. Unless things are stupid and gets drafted NFL, or other craziness like that..........we draft him. Sure I would love for us to get Chambers...............but Heenan is starting to take over this draft and we don't make a deal unless we get stupidness back in return. And I can't think of any GREAT non-import LB's, receivers, D-line on the Esks. The one Cdn starter would be Ted Laurent.

I am heavily joining the crows that says we draft Heenan unless he's going south as a sure thing?

I agree, use the #1 draft pick for the Canadian O-line man. How often to you see a future O-line star like this in the draft?

It's just a bonus that it he is a Sask. farm boy.

Go Riders Go

I still believe the Riders will hold onto the First pick, BUT if they are considering not picking Heenan then trading it would be really wise. The Esks have done and said several things that indicate they strongly desire Heenan. E-T stated that if the Riders passed on Heenan that the 2nd overall pick, which they hold, would be the fastest decision of any draft.

I still think they should grab Heenan unless he has given a really bad vibe. You could, if nothing else, trade him to any club. But if the Esks were willing to trade the 2nd overall pick and say kyle koch would that be a bad trade? Not really…you still get who you want and then some.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/riders-say-theyve-not-dealt-no-1-pick-even-though-heenan-is-visiting-eskimos-149065305.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 65305.html[/url] [url=http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/Plans+pick+still+unclear/6533908/story.html]http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/Pl ... story.html[/url]

Look Heenan may be the best OL prospect to come around in 10 years but do you draft by best player or team needs? To me were stacked at Oline with the additions of Picard and Labatte and the already returning Goodspeed, Best and numerous prospects waiting in the wings along with any imports we signed. I still think we draft him but I think we need more depth in places like WR/SB, LB, DT, DE. That being said we can get 2 for one by trading down ONE spot!, If we trade with Edmonton swap picks grab the 2nd overall and snag Chambers thats one player done. Now in order to let them just come in and grab the 1st overall pick we grab their best non import LB or D-Lineman?

Out of the question is Tyrone Crawford, seriously the guy got drafted in like the 4th round, he aint coming to the CFL for 3 years min.

Best player. ALWAYS. Never reach. Gamble in late rounds, sure, but never reach with high value picks. If you really don’t like the fit, deal the pick.

Only dumb GMs reach to fill depth charts on draft day.

How about DL Jermaine Reid? I know I’ll be tuned in for the draft on Thursday; 12:00 noon Pacific Time.

We have the opportunity to select the closest thing to a sure thing.
There is reason why the rest of the league is showing interest in taking the #1 off our hands.

Yup…Taman is saying the right thing…it would take a proven Canadian starter and at least one draft pick.

More like Legare or Laurent.

The only conceivable trade for 1st overall ( Heenan ) I see - with the 'shmoes would be Calvin Mcarty and their 6th overall pick. And I REALLY don't think that will happen.

Like depop said yesterday in the above Quote also; has to be a “PROVEN” Canadian starter.

Doesn’t have to be Canadian as far as I’m concerned. If I had to pick any strter from Edomton’s defense I’d start with Chris Thompson.:smiley:

I can't imagine trading the #1 Canadian draft for almost any import when you have sluffed off like 5 or 6 or so of you next 14 Canadian picks

With the Riders only having 3 picks in the draft # 1, 15 and 39 the only way that I would trade my

1 pick for is Edmontons # 2 and 6 straight up that way we gain a pick unless we realy want Heenan.

Bowl450 I think you are close.

Take the 2nd and 6th? At 2 we would take Chambers...............at 6 I am not sure. I would bet another receiver or D-line.

Or, we stick with #1 and take Heenan?

I am taking Heenan. This ain't a homer call. He has not had any NFL offers yet like a few others that signed free agent contracts after the NFL draft was over. He might be talking to some teams but if they are really hot on a guy they get them signed.

We could still end up with egg on our faces like last year.............Matt O'Donnell wanting to not sign and tryout with the Boston Celtics (get real????) and then signing in the NFL with Bengals. We retain his rights and we'll see if he can stick another season down there? That is another )-lineman project but we may never see this dude?

Take Heenan.

Taman is playing this right. Call every team and shop this pick and see whats out there? It also puts pressure on Tillman that if he wants this pick he better get after it and step up? I hope we keep the pick and take this kid off the board.

Chambers is trying our for the Eagles. Debate over! Heenan a Rider guaranteed.

I was at the Dog's Breakfast and it was a nice surprise for Hoppy to announce this! It was good. I was two tables away from Heenan and there were hugs for Mom, Grandma, tears.............the big kid looked real happy.

Now to sign him. He has a month to consider whatever happens down south..............but based on what he has been saying, "I'd love to be Rider", "I'd love to help out at the family farm 20 minutes from Taylor field"............I think he'll be at camp.

Is it possible the Riders allow him to play his eligibility out............nope. He'll make the squad. The question is who do we have to get rid of?

Great idea by the Riders to announce this in S'toon.


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