1st round of Cuts any word ??

Anyone hear anything about the 1st round of cuts today ?

I am waiting to hear what’s going on :cowboy:

Edmonton's cuts: http://www.esks.com/article/eskimo-tran ... 0615081647

And B.C. http://www.bclions.com/page/transactions_bc

With the release of DE Chris Wilson, is it possible that DE Keron Williams has re-signed with BC? A possibility.


XCat Damon Mc Daniels cut by Calgary.

8) The ex Cat you are referring to is Marquay McDaniel (not Damon) Marquay is still with Calgary !!
  On the other hand, it appears that ex Cat, DB  Dee Webb has been released by Calgary already !!  (no surprise there).

He is the younger brother of Marquay,here is who else was cut by the Stamps today to reach their 65


Sorry should have known better. :oops:

Still no word from Ticats on there cuts ?

Damon McDaniel was in training camp with the TiCats back in 2010. From what I gather, when he was released, it was not well received by 'Quay and created a rift that eventually led to his dismissal in Hamilton (Among other more pertinent football factors of course … but I don’t think the chip on his shoulder of his brother’s release helped his cause!)

I get the feeling that Jahmeek Taylor who bobbled a punt return and didn't seem to return for very much is going to get the axe. He's a non-import sure, but punt returners aren't exactly a tricky position to fill and we have a surplus at receiver.

Also as unfortunate a cut it might be, if Lindsay Lamar is concussed again, he might be on his way out.

Jerome Messam was cut by the Als. A 29 year old Canadian RB,i'd take a chance on him.

An Argo-Cat fan

7:30 a.m Monday morning and still nothing to report on who we cut,knowing Austin he probably won't cut anybody,we'll just suddenly have a rash of injuries :roll: everything from turf toe to a hang nail and everything in between and like last year suddenly you'll see our injury list balloon to epic proportions :wink: :cowboy:

Here you go: http://ticats.ca/article/ticats-transactions-june-16

That link does not work. Fumble!

Definitely worth a look, although Gable might not be too happy.

Marc Dile-ot and Lindsay LaMar-rb/kr both added to 6 game IL according to current roster.They're currently still 80 players still listed on team roster,minus our 4 exemptions (Landry,Pesak,Johnson,Coates)leaves 76 players which means that the Cats must have at least 9 players who were either released or placed on IL sometime last night before 11:59.

As if. He'd be used strictly as an FB.

I don't believe a team can release an injured veteran player. If a rookie get hurt in training camp, that's a different, sad, story.
Whether by choice, or because it's their only choice, Lamar, as reported, has been put on the Injury List.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced a series of transactions this morning.

The following players have been released:

INT OL Justin Anderson
INT WR Kelvin Bolden
INT WR Brandon Collins
INT DB Damien Jackson
NAT DB Harold Mutobola
INT DB Michael Ricks
NAT WR Jahmeek Taylor

The following players have been added to the six-game injured list:

INT OL Marc Dile
INT RB Lindsey Lamar

The following players have been added to the suspended list:

NAT K/P Brett Lauther

[url=http://ticats.ca/article/ticats-transactions-june-16-2014]http://ticats.ca/article/ticats-transac ... ne-16-2014[/url]

Finally!!!! Here is the updated transactions just posted in Ti-Cats.ca, no surprises really,Mutobala-db only vet cut(1game last year played)and Lauther-k placed on suspended list,rest of cuts all rookies,the list and link are below.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-transactions-june-16-2014]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-tra ... ne-16-2014[/url]