1st Practice at the Stadium?

Anybody know if the practice tomoorow from 2:30-4:30pm is open to the public? Love to see the last practice before the home game.

Good Luck getting in there!..all the sidewalks around the stadium are being re-done…

Should look nice for the weekend though as they look like they are about to get the final surface on them this week…brand new steps up into the east end zone too!..very nice!

(assuming you are talking about Ivor Wynne that is… going by the title of your thread)

Just as a heads up .....to get to watch practice this week, you'll have to enter the stadium at the South West gates.....all the other gates are locked up (as far as I could see) due to the sidewalk reconstruction.....

Got to watch a bit of practice today and the guys look in good health and great spirits....

By the way, the new CFL game balls are really cool!.....the white stripes aren't painted on anymore....they are stitched on and have a tacky surface to them....I like them!

well, that's your in-depth practice report....film at 11... :lol:

With regards to the new game balls. I caught one signed at the QB challenge. The stitching over the edges of the stripes seems to be a means of preventing the paint from chipping as CFL balls typically do.

Another subtlety I noticed was the Wilson 'W' in some of the dimples on the leather panels. Other than that, it seems to be the same ball used since 2003 when they introduced the dimple grip to the laces.

i wish i caught one of theme :x