1st pick Overall - Robede...

Looks like the first pick overall by the Calgary Stampeders, will not attend camp. Robede wants to finish his degree before persuing his professional career.

Finally a player that’s not in a hurry to go pro, and is thinking what will be good for him in the long term…

Good for you Robede !

I agree, he wants to finish off school which is wise, he would’ve been a third stringer this year anyway so why not get what is important before earning a paycheque, smart boy…

This coming from a Stamps fan…go figure. Why didn’t this shiite stain tell anybody of his plans BEFORE the draft? The guy probably would’ve been on special teams and maybe even backed up somwhere (RW, third string? You guys aren’t that deep.) this season.

Besides, lots of guys finish their degrees in the off-season. Why is this dude so different(special)?

If I’m the Stamps I’m pissed at this french fry. :x

So how many of your team’s picks are making the starting line up moses? If they are your esks are in bigger trouble than the rest of the league thinks! by your logic then Hamilton’s first pick is even a bigger waste of time…And shhhh, yeah we do have that kind of depth on defensive…too bad for you…

Any team that is so desperate to need a CFL draft pick to be a starter is in trouble. It’s one thing to have a draft pick go to camp and push a starter, it’s quite another thing to have him come to camp with the expectation that he will be a starter.

Whatever. I agree that the chances he starts on a consistent basis this season are slim and none. The learning curve is way huge. This was , is and probably always will be a fact of life in the CFL. As long as there is another higher level league to aspire to anyway. That’s why Hamilton’s pick wasn’t wasted, because there is a strong chance that Lumsden will play in the CFL. but maybe not this year although I doubt even that.

As far as Robede goes, that does suck for the Stamps. It’s too bad they couldn’t even bring him to camp to expose him to the pro game a little bit and give him a taste of it, similar to what the NHL (remember that league?) teams used to do. Then let him go back and play college again this year if he wishes. It doesn’t make him any less a prospect. The only drawback is that he probably won’t develop much more at that level, but on the other hand maybe he comes in next year and push harder for a spot because of it.

Who’s to say he is wrong. I think it is a smart personal decision to get the school out of the way first. I don’t think Higgins will be that choked at him, like I said earlier he is still a prospect and is still Stampeder property.

I think it’s pretty lame that he decided after the draft to go back to school. Even lamer is that the degree he is finishing off is administration. What kind of degree is that? I’d understand a bit more if he was finishing an education, business, engineering, science, etc degree.

Administration IS a business degree. And why would a particular degree be more deemed finishing than another? What kind of logic is that?

Robede is a smart guy because CFL players can’t live only off their CFL salaries. He’ll need that other job he gets. Robede will be as good (or even better) as he is next year and the Stamps will have all the time they need to benefit from his potential.

And, Vogue, you are an ignorant. A lot of current CFL stars are draftees. So saying it is lame to need these draftees in your starting roster shows you know very little about this league.

My thinking is if he was drafted by Montreal, he would have played right away and finished his degree at the same time, his first language French close to home. He probably didn’t want to say that publicly though as he would look bad, thus why he waited until the draft was over. My take on this anyway.

But the reality is if he was drafted by Montreal, he would have had plenty of time to study for we don’t need a starting DL.

Carlo Panaro is a back-up OL for the Eskimos. He also happens to be a physician and spent hours upon hours in the emergency room while he attended practice. You tellin’ me this dude couldn’t do the same?? He’s a pussy and the Stamps deserve him.

It’s a matter of choice. Maybe Panaro and Robede don’t have the same view on how to complete a degree. Maybe Panaro is a better student and can do two things at once, while Robede needs to spend more hours in his books to get the same results. Maybe Panaro has less work ethics than Robede and don’t care about getting everything half-done. What do we know?

What I do know, is no one should ever call anyone a wuss, a pussy, a traitor or anything like that for being devoted to its studies. Way too many people don’t focus enough on that. Robede should be admired if anything.

And, honestly Moses. What do you care if the Stamps can’t use their first draft pick this year? Robede won’t be the guy making the difference in the Stamps beating you or not.

Instead of spitting on the Stamps’ draftee, you should spend a few minutes wondering why the heck your Eskimos announced today with trumpets and everything that they sighed free agent Kelly Wiltshire… when he was signed on February 20 (and it was made public). Are they confused? Or do they just realized they pissed Wiltshire in first mentionning his hiring with a tiny line in a press release related to something else in February?

…wow…giv’em shit there Turd, I truly admire your ability to tell someone off with eloquence…

…It was common knowledge here that at best Robede would see very very limited play time and is going to factor prominently next year and then on…could he have plugged a hole in the event of an injury, yes, but I’m pretty sure the Stamps front office isn’t too bent outta shape over his decision to finsih school, if anything they probably supported him in that decision as it makes for a more rounded citizen of the community…

…And 10 don’t get too frothy at Moses’ comments about the stamps, they rarely make sense and little is ever resolved in entering into the discussion…too much anamosity towards the stampeders for some unknown reason…envy perhaps? maybe, we’ll never know…

Thanks Third and Ten, we now know how they do things in Edmonton has far as edcuation. That is okay the depth the Stamps have on their Defensive line I think they can afford to have this young guy finish his degree. That too me is a no brainer. He will play one more year of college football too. You can not get to many rep’s where as here with our depth he would not play much unless there were a few injuries. I do not remember to many guys that get drafted the first year and make it to the starting line up maybe Moses can name a few since he has a degree in the CFL.

RE: Third and Ten…Robede is a smart guy because CFL players can’t live only off their CFL salaries. He’ll need that other job he gets. Robede will be as good (or even better) as he is next year and the Stamps will have all the time they need to benefit from his potential.

A good example is Steve Hardin, ex of the Lions. He’s running his own Taco Resteraunt now. (Food is pretty good too!)

Can’t complain when a person wants to better himself in Education.

According to reports, Robede has been kicked off of two College teams, for reasons undiclosed, so he is probably finnishing off school because he knows he is an a** hole and won’t last on any professional team for very long.

I read an interview with the Als’ first draft pick, Matthieu Proulx, in this morning’s paper. Proulx was also part of Laval’s Rouge et Or. When asked about Robede’ situation, Proulx said : “Personally, I still have three courses to complete, so it won’t be a problem for me. You can fit three courses in your schedule and still get fully involved in the team’s activities. Robede is in a different situation. He still needs 30 credits (which represents 450 hours of class attending + homeworks and studies) so he would not be able to do both at the same time.”

So there you go Moses. Maybe Panaro only had a few credits to get and could afford to stick some academical activities in his shedule…

I’m crushed…I really am. Turd, Panaro is a doctor. Understand? We’re not talking about him wrapping up a few meaningless credits to get his BA. He was doing his RESIDENCY. Long hours in an ER, then off to practice, then back to the hospital. And in there somewhere he had to fit in sleep and studying.

Look, I could care less about Robede. I was merely pointing out that he could have advised the league of his intentions before the draft. Would it have made a difference? Dunno. Don’t care.

And RW, “envy”? Of what, the “Save the Stamps” campaigns you guys seem to hold every fifteen years or so? Your ownershit situation during the past decade? What exactly?

You know, a lot of people think they can do two things at once. They’re all pretty much confident that they’re doing a good job at both. Who tells you Panaro is not making a lot of mistakes either on, off, or both on and off the field?

Anyways, all of us won’t become doctors, but we can still get a decent living off the “meaningless credits” we got in school. It just seems unreasonable to me to rush someone out of a learning process, pleading he should focus on real important things like trying to get to a guy holding a ball, and dance with the buddies once that guy lays on the grass.

Too bad Panaro is no proctologist. You could have had your priorities checked by a 280 pounds green and gold workoholic.

Just to clarify third and ten… when I stated that teams don’t look to a Canadian draft pick to fill a starter position, I wasn’t saying that draft picks don’t evolve into starters. The CFL is at least half about Canadian players, and teams are always on the look out to fill their non-import quotas. But its rare that even great athletes like Robede are going to displace the likes of a Napastuk, or a Demetrius Maxie in their first camp. It’s a moot point as Robede himself has said that there was no point in going to camp for the experience if he couldn’t make the team.