1st pick: best player or immediate starter?

At one time The Draft was to be this week.
It was moved till after the NFL .

The CFL Teams Don't want to Draft a player who will Picked in NFL Draft in 1st two Rounds..

so CFL Normally waits To Pick it players till after the NFL draft

What makes this years scenario intriguing is the we have 2 picks in the top 4. We this being the case, I would take the best player available at the #1 position (Bekasiak), and then with the #4 pick, take the best player that fills a need (WR or CB). Then with our 2 2nd rounders, I look to fill any remaining needs or build the OL depth. (or trade if we can get a young, proven Canadian starter). All in all, it should be fun. (Oh ya, BEKASIAK will NOT get drafted by an NFL team in any of the 7 rounds...he will be a coveted UFA because of his size....but hes not getting drafted.)

Do the Tiger Cats have the first pick in the draft?

Yes and the 4th

i think we should pick up Bekasiak as our first pick and if Tad Crawford is not picked by our next pick ..which is 4th then i would pick him...if he is picked..i would go fo Jabari Arthur WR or Chris Bauman. Thats my choices for the Draft

Crawford @ number 1

best available at #4.

There's a lot of big boys in the draft( Bryan Jordon 6'8" 346lbs OL) I hope our coaches have did their homework, there could be some undiscoverd raw talent out there.

Honestly -with the recent history regarding the Ticats roster, Any player they pick will likely be released without any compensation whatsoever, That being said since the best player is Bekasiak, and they have evaporated the D line , they should pick him #1- Then trade him midway threw camp, for future considerations.

Well the NFL draft is over and no Canadians were taken. I expect the players mentioned above will sign free agent contracts with NFL teams, but some of them should be in the CFL by September. Some may take a year or two before we see them up here.
You have to go where the money is.

Take the "starters"; the fan base and team doesn't want or need any more "developing players" that may (or may not) "blossom" in 2010 (or so)....lets just win some games and get some credibility!

Take Bekasiak and Mace with the first two picks and go with an all Canadian D line this year ( Wayne, Dunbrack, Reid, Bekasiak, Loesher, and Mace). You could rotate six players to keep everybody fresh.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Probably they would do better then some of the DL's we've seen the last couple of years...but I would imagine there will be two imports starting on the DL this year.

id take jabari arthur 1st then take a chance on bekasiak with the 4th if he's still there

I think Quinton Caver and Quince Holman will both turn some heads when they are unleashed on opposing QB's this year.

I'm leaning toward the Cats drafting Tad Crawford and Justin Philips with our first two picks. Crawford could platoon with Shaw at safety, and with Philips, Hitch, Barenchea and Mariuz, the Cats would feature some awesome Canadian linebackers. Plus, Crawford can return kicks, and Philips can also play on the DL. I think the Cats D would really improve (and get younger, too) if we took these 2.

Rules of thumb for me:

  1. If you have two or more picks in a round, you pick the first for the best athlete available on the side of the ball you need most help. The second pick of the round then goes to the immediate position need.

  2. In a choice between an offensive or defensive player, I would lean towards selecting a defensive player unless a pressing need on offense clearly overrides that.

  3. Never trade your highest pick in a first round where you hold multiple picks unless you get a flesh-and-blood instant starter with a whiff of being a divisional all-star in his past. A high criterion to be sure.

  4. If you have the first overall pick, NEVER trade it.

  5. If a trade is available for the second pick one holds in the first round, make it if the trade keeps you in the following 8-team selection cycle with a replacement pick (i.e. a pick swap) while adding a known player with credentials in the league.

There you go. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,