1st pick: best player or immediate starter?

With all the holes the Ticats have to fill

should the Ticats go against conventional wisdom
of picking the best player available in the draft

or should we pick a player who may start
or, at least, see lots of game action

especially if he plays a position
that we are thin in, instead?

Marcel said, "We want to take the best player available."

Marcel isn't saying who he thinks
that the best player in the draft is

but if is DL J.P. Bekasiak, he says
that he will take a shot at the NFL.

If he catches on he may never come here
and a first overall pick would be wasted.

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Did Peters actually say the draft was today? Wow... :roll: :oops:

Here we go again Kenny...

The draft isn't today buddy. It is next week.

I think Ken is confused. First he says the draft is today, but then goes on to say it is next week.

Does he not read over his articles?

Maybe Ken is having trouble
adjusting to the digital world

Jeepers Creepers, Ken!!

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05.02.07 means May 2nd 2007

Yeah he really confused me with that. First he says "today's" draft then he says next week. I knew it was next week. I didn't read the rest of the article.

"There main concern was if they draft me and I had an opportunity to play in the NFL would I pursue it,"

Anyone else see what is wrong with this sentence?

So the same guy that was patting his back regarding what players he thinks should have been cut and finally were is the same guy that thinks the CFL draft is today?

Wrong again Kenny.

I say take the best two guys who can start immediately with the #1 and 4 picks, then use the two picks in the second round to pick guys with one year of college left.

Hey!.. Can we use the 1st OV pick to draft a new beat writer??

I was going to tell Ken to get in tune with today's information age.
and 'cut and paste' his column into www.spellcheck.net

but this website doesn't correct grammar, only spelling

and there are 2 spellings of the word 'there'
which have different grammatical uses.

In that sentence the spelling 'their'
is correct as it indicates possession.

{i.e. whose main concern is it? the Tiger Cats
It is [the Tiger Cats] their main concern.}


I couldn't find a grammar correcting website
easy enough for Ken 'Jeepers Creepers"to use.


Ken. I didn't mean the cutting and pasting
that hopefully you learned in kindergarten.

I must correct some people's perception of the newspaper industry. While Peters may be an illiterate boob, the fact this made it into the paper speaks more about the editors, copy writers, and proof readers.

hey wow..boo*b is censored too!

I tend to agree with you
this time, ticatsackattack

if there are two starter quality
players coming out in this draft,

only I would include 2nd round picks
who have indicated they will try the NFL
if they are still available by then.

You are definitely correct
especially about the editors, mycko75.

This team needs an immediate starter on the D Line or in the receiving core.

Normally, I defend Peters, since most of the time, I feel that you people are determined to slam him every chance you get.

Today however, when I read the part of his article which said the draft was today, I thought, what did I miss? I thought the draft was next week.

I immediately started fumbling around for any data I could find to substantiate this assertion at the top of his article in the second paragraph.

I don't mind many of the things Ken does when he writes, at least, not like the rest of you, but I found this one rather intolerable.

Ken: I think this one requires a retraction.

Receiving corps.

ESPN has a NFL draft guide they put out every year, with quite a bit of accuracy I might add.
They list 304 players they feel are draftable. Only one Canadian is listed, Jon Cornish (rated 21st at RB) out of Kansas and Calgary draftee. He's projected as a 7th rounder.

Projected free agent signees are: OT Jeff Perrett - Tulsa and Montreal (rated 33rd at OT, OT Peter Dyakowski - LSU and Hamilton (rated 46th at OT), RB Clifton Dawson - Harvard and Toronto (rated 30th at RB), WR Eric Desjardins - Eastern Michigan and Montreal (rated 57th at WR)

That's not to say some players not rated won't be signed by NFL teams, but history says their chances of sticking, if signed, aren't good.

So to make a long story short, if I was picking for Hamilton I would still take Bekesiak first overall.

brock ralph will start at wr so i uno about us picking up a receiver in the first round, plus we do have anaes makaeo and mike morealle, all promising receivers. id say we draft a saftey or dlinemen first overall

Personally I would take whomever I felt was the best available with my first pick.

From there I would draft by position of need. That's just me. I would not be worried about whether a player may or may not ever play for us based on NFL aspirations. That's a fact of life you can't control and if you try to control that you'll go nuts.