1st NFL prospect signed by Calgary

Several were singed to NFL Contracts before the CFL draft. one was signed after the CFL draft. Some were invited to NFL regional combines before the CFL draft and others brought into NFL mini Camps after the draft. One was even signed before the draft, the draft happened and then he aske for his release from his NFL team.
Anyway it caused lots of speculation where to draft these players.
Calgary is the first so far to get there man as Ben D'aguilar signed today.
D'Aguilar is expected to be a Special teams terror right away but he is also trying to break into a very small club of Canadian players to be a Top DE in the CFL, a position dominated by import players.

That's a solid signing. Watched Ben fairly closely @ MAC. Fastest player on the entire team and that just shouldn't be the case.

If he keeps his head screwed on tight and the ego/attitude in check, a lot of people compare him to Ricky Foley (I just threw up in my mouth a little!)

I agree very big! If he works hard he could find him self on the Dline rotation by maybe the las 1/2 or 1/3 of the season.
He has two really great guys to learn from Charleton Hughes is one of the best DEs in the CFL and Canadian Justin Phillips has quietly started a lot of game at DE since 2010.
Calgary again building top Canadian depth at a position mostly dominated by imports

No Pettway
No Stewart
LDE is a wide open vacancy really.

...dont' worry, Ralph the Dog will keep him in line :lol:

...good to hear positive reviews though about his time at MAC...In Huf We Trust

They also return another Canadian DE in Junior Turner who was the 19th overall pick in 2011 and was ranked 12th best player in the final rankings.
Huge if they can have one Canadian vet one in his 3rd year and the top Canadian Rookie DE all able to be to give some quality snaps or series at DE that will really keep the DEs with fresh legs late in the game.
Austin is also doing the same in acquiring some young Quality Canadian DEs

:thup: to both for envisioning what will be needed with Dline rotations.

Are you suggesting Foley has his head screwed on tight and keeps his ego/attitude in check?

What is the NFL doing ? tampering with the CFL draft order? there should be an agreement between the leagues that NFL teams make their intentions clear at least a month before the CFL draft. failure by an NFL team to do so would result in a compensation to the CFL team who drafts the player! $$$

I am pretty sure that will never happen. The CFL has positioned there draft fairly well to be after the NFL Draft, top rookie free agent signings and the main NFL Combine as well the NFL super regionals Are well ahead where the the NFL will either draft, sign rookie free agents or extend rookie mini camp invites.
The only thing that is out of sync is the NFL holds their rookie Mini Camps about a week or two after the CFL draft where players like D’Aguilar are often invited to attend but there is no guarentee that they will be invited to the main NFL TC roster. In fact it seems like pretty long odds for many players coming out of those 3 day Mini camps to get an NFL TC invite Canadian or Import.
From an import standpoint it is some good timing for CFL teams to sign import rookie free agents who do not get NFL camp invites