1st & Last Time Season Ticket Holders

Well can't say we didn't give it a shot. But everything about the whole game-day experience has prevented us from renewing our season tickets. Lets start with the atrocious cost of parking near the stadium. $20??? It doesn't even cost that much to park at an NFL stadium. Been to Buffalo and Cincinnati, both were $15. Next lets talk about the cost of food/water/pop/beer. 2 beers at the stadium = 12 pack at home. Hot dogs overcooked with hard buns. Pizza Pizza charging more for a slice that is 25% smaller than their slices outside the stadium. How about those nice soft benches? Don't know who they think can fit comfortably in the assigned seat numbers? Thought there was a no-smoking policy in the stadium? Every game we could smell smoke and the ushers in the red jackets look at you like a deer in the headlights when we ask for their help in the matter. So lets see...51" HD TV at home with warmth, food, beer and clean toilets...or spend almost $100/game after u add up everything. Thanks but no thanks

Glad your not coming back you sound like a laugh a minute :thdn:

Deep down inside I bet you that 100% of all season ticket holders agree with me on at least one point

Okay, you can park near on the street for free. You don't have to pay.

When was the last time you were in Buffalo? Last year it was $25 US.

You are bailing on a good year? This is my 4th year as a season ticket holder and I have seen 10 wins in the first 3 seasons. I am happily going to renew.

So what that you have to pay for food. It's a nite out. If you don't want to pay, eat before you come or sneak something in your back pocket. Problem solved.

I fit fine on my bench. Have no issues. If you do, talk to the Ticats and they will be more than accomadating with your request.

For the smoking, ask to speak to their boss then and complain to them. Or go up to one of the fine policemen that are throughout the facility to help you with your cause.

Everybody in this city has to complain about everything.

I wouldn't let my seat go for nothin and I'm a first time season ticket holder in Edmonton, and a former Lions ticket holder at that. Walkin a half hour to get to Commonwealth doesn't bother me. CFL forever, but I still like the New York Jets, waitlisted to get a ticket mind you.

So you wanna drive and waste the gas to Buffalo to park for $5 cheaper?

Talk about finding excuses not to go!

In Chicago, I paid $40 for parking and was much farther from the stadium, but you kow what? it was worth it. We made our own fun tailgating.

You can park for free or cheaper elsewhere just as many others do in Hamilton.

As far as the cost of beer/food it's pretty much the same everywhere, so you complaining looks more like whining.

See ya.


....yes cheetahman, I do agree with you, on every point you made....only issue for me is I'm to stupid to realize it and I keep renewing. LOL


I am disappointed.

TiCat games are fun and reasonably priced.

They try to make the game enjoyable for everyone.

Please give them another chance.

Kevin, It's good to see your response. It suggests a level of maturity and an attempt to convince the poster to rethink his decision. Most of the other posters are immature, insulting and would only further ensure that the original poster will not renew for next season.

You wanna sit beside him?

Not me.


The Ticat people are great. From Bob Young on down. Example…

My Fiance cannot see week day games and the Ticats go out of their way to ensure my season ticket goes a long way in meeting my needs.

The tickets are well priced and I am happy to spend a small percentage of my annual income to ensure we have a team going forward - God knows I have blown my money on worse things.

Anyway, I always remember the saying “We don’t know what we are missing until it is gone.”

If the Ticats disapeared, because we didn’t open our pocket books, we will miss them deeply.

Hey I am not saying that I won't attend a few games next year, like I have been for the past 20 years. We just decided that this year we will try the season ticket way. But for the quality on the field, it is not worth it financially to go to every game with all the added expenses. As for looking for free parking around the stadium? Maybe? But guess you have to get to the game more than 1 hour before kickoff. So that means more time in those uncomfy seats and more time needing something to eat or drink.

8) Yep, life's a real bit.., isn't it !!
  Everything is such an inconvenience !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Ive had my seasons tickets for 6 years now and I must say that even though we have not won alot of games I have always had fun going to them.
I park at the Mcdonalds on barton and walk to the stadium it only takes about 3 or 4 minutes and its free lol.
As for the cost of food I don't really eat anything at the games.
Oh and I like the smell of smoke lol but I'm a smoker lol

Man the excuses never stop.

I often pay $20 to park AND TAILGATE to eat and drink quite cheaply, easily recovering the $20 expense. AND ITS" FUN! TONS OF FUN!

You can always bring a cushion for your poor little tushy as many other fans do.

Oh, but then you'd have to carry it all the way to the stadium.

Buy the season Lot J Parking pass it works out to around 10 bucks a game and drink your own beer at the tailgate , I do admit since Bob Young and Company gave Aramark the boot and Compass Group took over the food and service has gone down hill :thdn: I won't eat at that crap!

Maybe we're getting like Le :oops: af fans. :oops: Yuk :thdn:

Very negative post Mr. Cheetahman sounds to me like you've looked for every reason in the world not to renew your tickets.
I've parked many times a block and a half away from the stadium and oh my God it only cost 5 to 10 bucks I've had a sub par piece of pizza or a bad hot dog and the beer is way overpriced so guess what,I don't buy that stuff any more.
If you don't like the smell of smoke then stay away from the smoking area but I'm thinking you already know all that.
I guess we won't be seeing you at the games anymore.... oh well.

Well can't say we didn't give it a shot. But everything about the whole game-day experience has prevented us from renewing our season tickets.
This is a completely RATIONAL, and UNDERSTANDABLE sentiment.

I made the SAME DECISION three years ago ... for MANY of the same reasons you have suggested.

I found the FLEX PACK to be a perfect SUBSTITUTION. The "pack" combined with a few local discounted tickets for additional games and I have seen ALL the games I wanted to.

That, combined with a SET, no EXCEPTION Budget for the game, and our family has managed to MAINTAIN our Fan Status while saving a few pesos.

Also, not to sound PREACHY ... but the HSR is a reliable, efficient way to get to IWS - and is FREE with your GAME DAY tickets.

Just something to CONSIDER.