1st & last in CFL point tallies

It's official now that the Calgary game is over.

For the first time in CFL history, the team that has scored the most points has finished with a losing record.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 538 points score, 6-12 .
Calgary Stampeders 535 points scored, 12-6

And unless Montreal scores 57 points against Winnipeg, Hamilton will also finish with the most points allowed in 2012, with 576 ( 28 more that they scored)

29.9 and 32 were their game averages for points scored and allowed.

Basically, a 2 point difference. 2 frickin' points on average. Boy, do those plethora of mistakes ever loom large.

What's equally amazing is that some people blame Burris or other offensive personnel for our crappy record when it's obvious that defence is the issue.