1st Game to be Called on Account of Lightning?

Waiting in Mtl. 30 more mintes left.

I’m sitting here prepping for tomorrow by watching this game and having a Lancaster Bomber Ale.

During the wait there’s lots of talk about the Pruneau comments about Trevor Harris being a bad teammate.

A broadcasting decision pure and simple.
Imagine being the losing team only being a point down but have to take the loss because a delay inconveniences TSN ?

got proof?

or just speculating?

just wondering

Rod Black is my uncle.

I always thought he was a monkeys uncle

Everybody’s got at least one crazy umcle.

Agree 100%. TSN doesn’t want to be on the air all night.

TSN pays the bills.

New rule implemented.

yep. good ole RB is an umcle all right :slight_smile:

That’s game.

Not only did TSN show a graphic with us having 3 return TDs instead of 4, but they influence the game and standings with this garbage.

Well that’s for the record books! History made.

Missing out on a playoff spot or home field and week off for division final because of this ?
As if bad officiating deciding games wasn’t enough.

Read the whole protocol…

Wait till a game gets wiped out in the second quarter with one team narrowly leading…

If the teams play another game they will play a 2 possession shootout prior to the second game (in the other teams stadium).

Is this actually real?

NHL gives you a point for losing in OT.

CFL prevents you from getting 2 points and the game isn’t even over yet.

A narrow lead? That protocol would be in effect with one team having up to a 16 point lead in the second quarter. And that starting position part of the rule is just bizarre.

Read it again.
16 point game would mean game over after a 3 hour delay.

If the game doesn’t reach any of those margins they state…AND the teams play again, shootout

Same thing.

I read opinions, here, on “the protocol,” but don’t see it anywhere.
So, here’s the link to the CFL Weather Protocol, jointly developed by the CFL and the Management Council (Club Presidents) and negotiated into the new CBA agreement, reached between the league and CFLPA prior to the start of this season:

And a 16 point lead in the second quarter doesn’t meet the game over criteria (“17+ points in the second quarter”), so it would result in a shootout, assuming the teams play again.

Over the last few years there appears to be at least a few games delayed due to whether conditions.
But the same can not be said about the NFL, where a lot more games are played.

Is this due to the NFL season being played in fall/winter, geographical differences or different rules for game stoppages?