1st and Hopefully Last Annual Ticat Festivus Airing of Grievances and Outpost of General Past Anger

Ok, I get the sense I’m too invested in this team and it’s performance and the more I care the farther they get from winning a championship.

So this is meant as a fun little exercise.

Please use this as a repository to post a few brief thoughts about past incidents, games, refereeing or coaching decisions, boneheaded mistakes, GM blunders, roster moves, untimely injuries, other teams, bad concession food, really anything Ticat related that you’d like to get off your chest.

Consider this as primal scream therapy that leads to healing😉

But first some ground rules:

  1. You are only allowed to post once on this thread. No issue if you want to come back and revisit daily, like as many posts as you want or flag inappropriate comments for the moderators. But you only get one shot at putting your thoughts down. Please police yourself as I won’t be. You can list multiple things in your post, then move on.

  2. No judgements of other posters allowed. All opinions are valid and accepted, assuming they are within the bounds of good taste, within forum guidelines etc.

Idea is to toss all the bad bile from Ticat Fandom into one waste disposal heap.

Then let the healing begin.

I’ll start with Desjardins trading Wayne Smith and DJ Flick for Rocky Butler. Tom Canada not reporting after trade for Zeke Moreno.
And all black uniforms.

Y’all are on the clock. Make us proud.


Wow, not much interest in airing of grievances. Possibly because every thread has become that, or else it's your rule that people cannot endlessly repost the same opinion.

I'll go with two points from the Kent Austin era. I liked Kent, but not these things:

  1. Letting McManus get away. Danny was learning the ropes with the Ticats through to 2013 and looked like he'd be happy to be here long-term. I was hoping he could work well with his former teammate, but then it only lasted one season.

  2. No backup QB development in 2015. I still think that team was the best all-round Ticats team of this century, with one obvious (in hindsight) weakness: no experienced backup QB. For reasons unknown, the coach refused to give backups any playing time even when we were up by three TDs or more. Total of nine pass attempts in 11 games prior to the Collaros injury.

Over and out.


Fake penalty by douchbag Proulx on Taylor Reed.

Proulx is a waste of skin.

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The 'Dieter Brock for Tom Clements' trade in '83.

Cal Murphy absolutely robbed you guys on that one. I felt bad although my conscience was somewhat soothed by the Grey Cup we won as a result. In case I haven't already said so, I'm soooooooo sorry your team got so totally screwed in that trade. I'm sure that none of your GM's past or present would have or will ever let any more great quarterbacks come back and haunt you from now on... unless you count Collaros (that must really bite). But that JUST happened a short time ago and the guilt hasn't sunk in yet. Sooner or later I WILL feel bad but since I can only post once on this thread I guess that about wraps things up for me. Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for 2022!!! :partying_face:

I will also feel bad but here it goes, mine are for trades not made.

Lawlers car keys should have been traded for a cab.

And Andrew Harris should have traded the steroids in the butt for a shot of silicone.
Buttock augmentation injections for men would be trend setting.

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I had that coming.

And yes, Kenny's keys should've stayed in his pocket that day. I have no comment on Harris' butt... BUT I for one could probably use a bigger hiney. My pants keep falling down and frankly I'm getting tired of that happening when guys like you with huge hineys get along just fine without suspenders.

It's not fair. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What happened to the philosophy " Better is Better" that Obie had and we would
keep updating the players throught F.A. and trades, not just drafts and scouting?