1st and goal

I don't ever want a field goal from the one yard line no matter what the situation - but why be hypnotized by the quarterback sneak or the run up the middle. why not mix it up a tiny bit - fake it and roll out once a year . . .

Well if they'll only call 1 play and it doesn't work, some points are better than none I guess.

I like the old adage that if you can't get 1 yard you've got a problem and if you don't get it the other team is left on their one yard line. Only don't telegraph it - treat it like any regular down and spread them out. Probably why I'll never be the coach but I would rather live and die by this one.

Can you blame Wally. How many times has B.C. punched it in from within 5 and how many times they haven’t. Their average is the worst in the league and has cost them games.

I don’t know what the problem is… but they have to fix it if they want to even have a shot at the play-offs.

Agreed. The short distance has always been a problem for the Lions. Whether it's due to the lack of surge in the O-line, or the QB not following behind.. they've got to fix this. This is seen not only on the 1-yard line.. but every 3rd and 1 play ends up the same way..

Here I'll quote myself from a differnt post.

here's a thought!, on a goal line attempt, rather than trying to plow a 175 pound quarterback past 4-5 -300 pound Lineman. maybe roll out and run to the corner and take your chances with your 225 pound running back against a 175 pound defensive back, just a thought Jacques.
Seems kinda simple doesn't it?

right on Jacques - but you gotta give'em credit for the Lulay touchdown pass on 2nd and short. Now lets do it on 3rd and short. That oughta freek'em out. We've got to go for the gusto - just like old Wally did on that one series on the one yard line. but maybe as you say try anywhere but up the middle. It's emasculating to not go for it from the one yard line. Go down fighting and as Jim Taylor used to say - rermember 3.5 billion chinese don't give a damn !

another QB sneak, another turnover on downs and NOW, in the last, most important game - another QB injury.
Who's lame idea was it to use Buck for a sneak? Now he's likely gone for the game and so could our season.
Am I the only one who is tired of seeing this sad excuse of a play?

you gotta give the Lions credit for consistency. those poor mothers can't even get 6"s. If I wasn't over the hill I'd be blooooown away. unreal.