1st and Goal on the One yard line . . .

I cannot believe for two weeks in a row we failed to get a one yard Touchdown!
It has been a while and I still cannot believe it.
Even the non-goaline one yard plays are looking weak.
Is it really that tough to get a yard?
Sure this is pro-football but . . . one yard?
Especially after the BC game where getting stuffed on the one was downright embarassing . . .
. . . then at MTL to have it happen all over again . . . then again at MTL with the 3rd down gamble!

I am not a coach, nor do I think I am one but
After these problems with getting one yard, I truly
expect the team has practiced short yardage situations
more than they ever have all season. We need to be able
to get one yard with all 24 offensive eyes closed.

I remember they used to turn to page 33 of the playbook on that.

It's about time to dust that one off and give the ball to the Canuck Truck.

yeah the canuck truck, spread the receivers out and let Szarka drive through the middle... with the ball this time.

I think I'm off the Szarka bandwagon and on the Hughes bandwagon.

2 real nice Red Zone TD's and a key block to get Durant in the endzone (which, of course, the refs still couldn't see, even after replay)

In this day and AGE, Neil is better than Chris at almost all aspects of Fullback, other than Vetran savvy, which is starting to pile up for him.

Jyles is probably the best running QB we have...Montreal uses there 3rd string just for that reason...cmon miller you got to be better prepared at the 1.....Cates or no Cates