1st and goal from the 5yd line

This changing KG for QP when we reach the 5 yd line is crazy. Its eventually going to cost us. Thanks again KG came in and bailed out QP and the coach on 2nd down once again. It's not working they need to stop doing it. Make the change from the 1 or 2 yd line not the 5. The 5 isn't exactly short yardage and I think KG is more effective from there.

KG is the starter and if he moves the team downfield into scoring position he should be the guy to finish it off, not a cold QB off the bench.

Are you the fellow that called into the 5th quarter last night? I agree though, it never seems to work.

Yep, yet another example of MB's coaching 'style'. Has an idea, puts it in his textbook, and follows it no matter what the situation.


This has been proven over and over again to fail.

I don't even like QP on the short yardage situations, as he never seems to make more than the yard and sometimes not even that. A kid his size should be getting WAY lower and using his size to gain 2 yards on most attempts.

Not only that, but we are SO predictable in that situation.

Read the post "Switching QB's". I have said before that this is poor coaching and IMO just plain dumb. :rockin:

I'm of two mindsets on this one.

On the one hand, Porter is more mobile of the two and therefore offers the OC more options. He's somewhat taller and can see and get the short passes out there, perhaps, better. It also helps to keep him in the game, so that if he is needed later he has more gametime under his belt.

On the other hand, Glenn is the more experienced, has more of the timing and the rhythm of the game and his teammates as well. He's been working against the defence through the whole series and knows better where to exploit them. Also, it must be disappointing to work the offense down that far and then not be allowed to finish the job.

I'm kind of torn on the issue. Perhaps, divide the opportunities during the game. Of course, depending on the circumstances.

I see this as a good idea thats been poorly executed myself. I like the fact that Porter gives the team more options in an area of the field where teams struggle because the number of options is severely reduced due to the decreased real estate to work with. The problem is that the Cats seem to run the same play every time they trot Porter in at the 5 thus telegraphing it to the defense. I know I'd cover a QB run as the primary play next time it happens

Exactly right on both points. Bringing Porter in increases the number of options, but the play calls (so far) have limited those options to "the option".

Maybe they're setting up the other teams for later in the season or the playoffs when they finally do call a pass by Porter? Personally, I wouldn't wait that long, as that would be a lot of wasted first and fives in the meantime.

The next play on 2nd down, the pass to Stala(who made a Stala like catch) for the TD was a great play and executed perfectly.
Sending Bruce deep into the endzone and Stala cutting across just inside the goal line looks like a very tough play to cover.