1pm Argo Home Game Timeslot

Do you support a 1pm afternoon Thursday or Friday start for Toronto Argo regular season home games?

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The only way I would support it if it was early in the season where it can be done as a school day.

Otherwise, it's a terrible time slot and more season ticket holders would more likely skip this game than others it would have terrible attendance. Since events at BMO report attendance based on scanned entries it would reach another historic low

If such a start time is ever regularly scheduled, I would say there are forces at work to sabotage the CFL. This is not to say that a contrived death is not already in motion. Presently "everyone" beats on the league, even it's hard core fans show discontent for the entertainment the league gives them.

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1 PM on Saturday or Sunday would be great. But not on a Thursday or Friday, unless we're talking a stat holiday.

Why the question? Is this being considered?

Maybe an exhibition - -"SCHOOL DAY" where you get the local schools to bus in the kids for a cheap ticket as a promotion. I know Junior Hockey teams do that once or twice a year and it is successful - but not sure you could do it for a regular season game.

Regular season game

If it was July 1st later in the afternoon but 1 pm it maybe way too hot to play then .

I do like Saturday. or Sunday 1pm on a Sept or Oct fall afternoon .


They tried that years ago at the Dome. Actually kickoff was 11am I believe. Tickets for students were free. There were few kids and the ones there weren’t overly excited. No beer for the few adults there either. It was a nice idea that failed miserably I’m sad to say

I was there. Quite a few kids where I was sitting. Teachers were having a tough time keep track of their classes. Then they all had to leave in the third quarter to catch buses at their home school. Typical field day outing. lol

Hmm. Too bad. I was thinking marketing to corporate sector downtown. Not schools.

Okay. Thought business sector could be tapped….not schools. 1pm Friday would be perfect end of week time.

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On a Thursday or a Friday? Are you nuts?

Weekend, great! :+1: Weekday, suicide. :-1:

Lions at Toronto, 1pm Friday, that's 10am in BC. Nobody's gonna watch that.


You mean like me having to stay up until 1am to watch a whole game between Toronto and BC?

....or while you are eating breakfast....

HVA: You are the best Argo fan, but, with my greatest respect, your good idea does not address the problem. The corporate sector in TCTSNBN'd does not care about the CFL.

If you are in sales at a corp located in TCTSNBN'd, you are only really important to clients if your firm has Leafs tickets.

It's not a marketing problem. It's a location problem. Halifax awaits.

You have unknowingly hit the nail on the head Mr. Dave. You are questioning why a CFL fan is raising a question about about the CFL on a CFL Forum.

Please direct your question to Mr. Red & White re: Twitter.

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I'm all for an east coast team, the vast majority of us are, but Halifax doesn't really await. The two big issues are still big question marks: the stadium and the ownership group. The potential ownership won't commit without a stadium and the govt won't commit to a stadium without a committed ownership group, even if they can scrape up the money. So it's not that simple. The league can't just force it in there or they'll have another Renegades or Pirates or Posse situation.

And if you are insinuating that the league yank the Argos out of the country's biggest market and plunk them into the smallest, then the league will no longer be national, it will be regional. It's marketing suicide.

Ironically the best attended minor league baseball games in Vancouver are the "nooners". Wed games at noon are sold out with corporate , senior, self employed groups eating hot dogs with a beer. Best of all supported games of the season.

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Yes because they cater to office guys who like to treat clients and the tickets are only 12 bucks. It works because it's minor league and that's the charm. If the Argos tried to market themselves as a 15 dollar minor league ticket they'd get laughed at by all of the folks that want the big league Jays Leafs and Raptors - the very ones that they're trying to win over. Also, what do you tell your season ticket holders that are paying 40 50 and 80 bucks a seat?

I never suggested a price reduction. Just a limited amount of special scheduled games.

Yes but to watch a minor league baseball game for 40 dollars doesn't work either. My point was that the Argos are not comparable to the Vancouver Canadians. The business model is completely different. The C's are local and have no TV money, have basically no payroll and make all their money on gate in a park of 5 to 7k. The Argos represent a major market in a nation-wide league, have a payroll over over 5 million and are part of a massive national TV contract. It's apples and watermelons.