1of the biggest names in football waived

marcus vick was waived by the fins. a cfl team will pick him up(if he doesnt kick anyone). You can play him at qb,wr,kr,pr so hes a pretty good pick up for a team

Doesnt Toronto have his rights?

Im sure they do.

how many people can a team have on there negoation list? just wondering because it seems like toronto has alot of these big named people

How many QB's DO they have the rights to? I seem to have lost count after I ran past my fingers and toes? (How many CAN you hold the rights to?)

I am not shure but I think a list is about 40 players..

What the heck has Vick done to prove that he could play in the CFL ???

Didn't he assault another player in a major college game? No thanks.

Having a famous sibling hardly makes HIM one of the biggest names in football. :roll:

Just a couple of points.

First if you got the scouting you get to put the cfl potential stars on your negotiation list.

2nd, its not what this guy can do it is what he is perceived to be able to do. All the papers pick up on this stuff, run stories and then hide in the background as they fizzle out. It is time these rags actually produced some decent stuff in the sports pages.

Michael Vick?? Biggest name in football??????????? Biggest name in screwing up a promising career maybe. He could have made that league with hard work and his name alone. He had the world by the NADS and he screwed it up. Hope we never see this clown here

Sounds like a perfect fit for the Argos! Be able to take over Bernard William's spot on the Stop the Violence program!

Marcus Vick=overrated pothead

[url=http://www.miamidolphins.com/newsite/news/top_story.asp?contentID=4701]http://www.miamidolphins.com/newsite/ne ... entID=4701[/url]

hes already signed to miami's practice squad

Reading some of these responses and I can ONLY THANK the football gods that many of you are not the GM of a team I pay to watch.

Separating the CHARACTER issues from the athlete (as I do not PRESUME to KNOW the man), the guy has PHENOMENAL TALENT. Which in football terms means he has SPEED TO BURN.

If it is even a remote possibility to dream of having him on my team's negotiation list then I'm selling my SOUL to the DEVIL to get him.

ESPECIALLY in the CFL - the guy would be a THREAT from ANYWHERE on the field. I wouldn't even use him as QB. Just WR/SB/KR/PR and maybe a little RB.

He's Kenton Keith on steroids (FIGURATIVELY!)

I'd love the priviledge to PAY to watch him play in the CFL.


i think montreal has his rights

I think he walked on another players hands on purpose and he had he's cleets on.

-marcus vick served alcohol to 14-year old girl's in his apartment at college and had sex with them.

-he pulled out a gun on some people in a mcdonald's parking lot.

-he stepped on the calf of Elvis Dummervil during a game with his spikes.

-he sat out a season for team disciplinary reasons.

-he was booked for marijuana

-he has had a dui

-he sounds perfect for the argos and their fake community project BS, everybody knows the argos dont care about high-character players, they wannabe the like cincinatti bengals/ oakland raiders.

-the argos shall now be named: BENGALS NORTH.

-pinball is a fake con artist who loves to employ thugs and ex-cons.

The Cats do not need a good for nothing guy like Marcus Vick this guy is a loser. He has the chance to do something most guys dream of, play sports for a living and yet he continues to screw himself..The Cats do not nor will they ever need him or a guy like him.

I'd rather have a guy who keeps his nose clean who practices twice as hard and plays half as good as Marcus Vick, than a guy like him.

forget Vick Signed to the Dolpins Practice Roster