$1M per game if stadium late

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/02/city-to-pay-ticats-1-million-per-game-if-stadium-late.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... -late.html[/url]

[b]The city of Hamilton has agreed to pay the Hamilton Tiger-Cats a million dollars for every home game they miss if the new PanAm stadium is not completed on time.
The provision is included in the lease agreement between the city and the team that was narrowly approved by council on Wednesday night.

The agreement between the city and the Ticats acknowledges that the team would incur “direct damages of $1 million or more? for each home game missed because of construction delays. It also entitles the Ticats to recover “all provable damages resulting from delay? and forces the city to pursue those damages through its agreement with Infrastructure Ontario.
In fact, any money paid to the Ticats should come from Infrastructure Ontario under the terms of its agreement with the city, the document says.[/b]

I'm really not "splitting hairs" here, BUT Really? :roll:

This heading by Drew Edwards should really say "Ticats to receive 1million per game if stadium late".

The money will come from Infrastucture Ontario. It's all there in the contract...read it for yourself! :wink:

AND... they probably have a penalty clause in the contract with the builder that the builder should pay for it if late!

Putting these types of headings out there just bring undue critisism of the Ticats with those on council and taxpayers who will look at anything to cry/complain about the Ticats.

More Sensational Journalism...I can just see the newspapers now. :roll:

Ah woody look, sometimes you play nice and make everyone feel they have won the game. Yes, winners and losers sell, the words ‘cooperative’ and ‘partners’ isn’t in the vocabulary of some people I’m afraid and isn’t as catchy. But excellent observation!

It is fair. If the government promised to deliver the stadium on time, and it is late, they should pay the Ticats compensation.

It's Fair and within the agreed terms of the contract set down by Infrastructure Ontario and the Pan AM Games Toronto, GTA 2015. The thing that always gets my attention in Hamilton is the number of BS Politicians this City has, majority a bunch of fence sitters, with absolutely NO Vision and NO mandate too make things happen, maybe the voters should just elect a computer next time to decide anything in government?

IMO Infrastructure Ontario should pay the Ticats, but it's part of the agreement, so it is what it is.

IO is ultimately the body who would have to pay the Cats, not the city.

The question is what is fair compensation. One million would be fair if the games weren’t held. But do you think the Ticats are going to forfeit these games ? You think season ticket holders will get their tickets re-imbursed ? Should have been the lost earnings up to a million a game, not a million net. Anyway good on the Ticats to manage to swing that in there. :wink:


Good interview for your listening pleasure.

According to the mayor, the cats make the request to the city who in turn goes to IO. IO then is to get the money from the contractor. If rejected, tell cats get no money. I believe there are liquidated damages in the contract but if I am the contractor, I try to claim force majeure due to the weather. Let's just hope the stadium is complete in time and we do not have to discuss this.

Yea, thanks for that.

I see too, that Drew and the Hamilton Spectator changed the heading to their column since this thread started. ( they now have included “And who pays for it”)

I think a more appropriate heading would be “Ticats lose 1mil. per lost game”.

Do the math…if they have to go to Guelph, Mac, or worse, the Skygrave. Giving up or even sharing revenues from gate receipts, let alone the other logistics of moving/advertising/travel and everything else.

It never ceases to amaze me the lack of common sense with some people who are hell-bent on finding fault with something! :roll: Or worse…Ticat fans who feel the Ticats are just “out to make money”. :lol: Gee, how would you like to go back to 2003? :wink:

For the JULY 26th Scheduled home opener week 5 The Blue Jays are away and there are no other events that weekend. The Jays finish up a series on the Thursday 24th. SO RC would be avaiable that weekend. The schedule game time is 7:00 so it should not affect the start time or day if RC is needed to be used.

Thursday July 31 game week 6. Although there are no events on the July 31 at RC there is a concert on friday and saturday that weekend. That would cause conflict for sure. So playing at RC on the 31 would not be able to be done. Whether the game can be moved to a wed would take into account other factors. So there would be no easy fix.

Hamilton does not have another home game scheduled until week 8 SAT AUG 16

There are other things than the BJ’s at Rogers during the summer.

I don’t think you read this part of the post. :oops:

Of course there are other venues for the Ti Cats to look to but is there any other venue in which can hold every ticket and suite holder for the opening game in which the drive from Hamilton is less than anhour???