The numbers are in and the Argo-Ticats clash produced typical great TV numbers. With the peak being the halftime show at 599,000. Overall the average audience was 462,000 well above the season average of 390,000.

how did u get these numbers so soon?

Being a Thursday game, they came out earlier and with the extra bonus of the "kick".



The should have more promotions and contests like this. It worked for me because I didn't really feel like watching the Tor/Ham game, the only reason I did was to see that kick.

One Million paid over 40 years...hope Wendy's can afford it. I thought it was pretty classy giving away a Million. That class wore off really quick when I heard the rules of the 40 year payout. Also that the insurance company watched the kicking practice the day before to ensure the contestant stayed within the 30 minute allowed practice time. :x

Who cares if the guy wants to practice all night. If you don't want to give out the dough then don't bother with all the hype.

I will take the money. :smiley:

WENDY's , is crying now! :lol:

Remember all the price money he gets is ALL TAX FREE , not like in the U.S. were the taxes per year , can be 40% to 60% for prizes won. :wink: :smiley:

Yeah but the contest was a true scam! $1Mil in 40 years! That's $25K a year... yo can't even quit your job!!! Ohh and if he dies it's not transferable either. So he can't even go out and buy a house cash even though he's supposedly a Millionaire.


Also, it was written in the fine print that its 25 000$'s worth of Wendy's products ! They just said that on the radio. :shock:

T&T. I REALLY hope you're joking! :wink:

Even if it's paid out over 40 years ... that's still a million bucks. And he's only 25, so he should live to get it all ... hopefully, anyway! He's a mechanical engineer (like me!) so his job will probably pay him up to 70,000 a year anyway ... even if he only gets 50,000 a year from his job, he's still taking in a total of 75,000 a year ...

and it is all , TAX FREE.