19th Regular Season Game

With commissioner Cohon talking about playing one or two annual regular season games in Moncton within a few years, what about the idea of adding a 19th regular season game for every team. As of now, it would only add four games to the schedule, and room for the games already exists because of the bye week.
The benefits of doing this would be being able to market the CFL where it's not presently possible to expand, as well as hopefully cities interested in hosting annual games having permanent 10000+ seat facilities with appropriate dressing rooms and training facilities.
The obvious down side would be that it would likely be tough to sell a game with the necessary higher ticket prices and weaker teams.

If they add a game to the schedule I would prefer it to be a third pre-season game rather than a regular season game. You could either add just a single game for two clubs that are willing to travel to a neutral site or make it a full week of neutral site games. Imagine Montreal hosting a game in Quebec City, Moncton hosting a game, Halifax would want one, London, Ontario hosting a game and putting the battle of Alberta into Red Deer. Potentially there are a lot of sites with small stadiums that would be packed for a game.

Or you could take one year and have all 8 pre-season games held in neutral sites. Rather have those 8 games in packed, smaller stadiums than playing in front of half or less of their regular crowd at home.

I like that idea... put all the pre-season games in neutral sites and grow a strong fan base in cities without CFL teams. That would be a great way to test out markets to see and get a feel for if a football franchise is right for a city.

CFL is a gate driven league. Unless it was an exhibition game with huge sponsors I don't see that happening.


Then there's the CFLPA who really run the league. You would need their permission to add any games.

On the broader subject, hopefully they do promote the sponsorship and the occasion properly if the ideas of the Commish and Moncton's Mayor are gonna come to fruition, or if they did something similar with PEPs at Laval. Call 'em Touchdown Atlantic, Classique du Quebec, etc., depending on where you hold the games. Sell the naming rights to the games, and actually hold the games annually to build up local corporate and fan interest. Ideally, both QC and Moncton could host annual games, regular or exhibition.

To get back on topic though, if they would add a 19th game, that would definitely put pressure on the League and the CFLPA to agree to start the season a week sooner, preferably two weeks sooner so the GC could be moved up a week sooner. Fans of whichever teams go to Quebec or Moncton or wherever would presumably want the extra game also because it is a regular season game being taken away from the home schedule. At least I would anyway, and they're probably going to want to send at least one Western team out east, so that the potential new fans can see a real football team in action. :wink:

Pre-Season is a freebie and if you could tell an owner that they won't have to pay wages for concession, ushers, security, etc. staff I think they would be open to it. A game with 15,000 in the stands and most of those season ticket holders who get the pre season tickets nearly thrown in probably doesn't generate a lot of revenue.

The whole point of adding a 19th game was to not take a home gate away from any team. I also do not see why a western city could not host a game.
As for the CFLPA, I imagine an across the board increase in salary to accomodate the extra game would go along way in getting their consent. The CFLPA has pretty good relations with the league compared to labour relations in other sports anyway.

18 is to many games,never mind 19.

Doesn't hurt to throw the idea out there, that is what this forum is for. It won't be happening anytime soon though, the logistics of this would take the league about 4 years to figure out.

i love the idea of the neutral site games, but you can tell the owner anything you want if you can tell me who’s going to work security and the concession stands for nothing.

as someone else said, 18 games are too many already. that said, i do like the idea of an odd number of games anyway. odd numbers guarantee that you’ll have either a winning or losing season, making for fewer tiebreakers and better distinction between successful and middling teams. plus, with fewer games, there’s more chance that you won’t play all the other teams every year. that will make the schedule very important. right now the schedule does not matter since each team plays all the other teams 2 or 3 times; there are no surprises.

19 games makes it impossible for a team to finish at .500, and I don't like that.

All the game day staff would be handled by the folks hosting the neutral site game. Touchdown Atlantic had all the aspects of a regular CFL game just the "home team" (was it Toronto - they were wearing their home uniforms for the game) didn't pay for staffing costs the organizers did. Much like hosting a concert the facility takes the profit as well as the expenses.

hmmm. that's pretty un-canadian of you. do you agree with me, then, that they should remove extra time from all ice hockey games, especially in the playoffs?
i like the odd number because it clearly differentiates between the good and not-so-good teams.

What does one have to do with the other... :?

has to do with canadians' inexplicable distaste for draws. everything must end in a win, they can't understand something that doesn't have a clear winner. it makes them all confused and befuddled. one would think that having an even w-t-l season falls easily into that category and would, therefore, be pretty hard for canadians to swallow.

9-9-1 record = .500

19 games doesn't make it impossible to finish at .500, it just becomes less likely

I agree, we are already having trouble keeping the injuries down playing an 18 game season, I don't think it would be prudent of the CFL to extend the schedule even more. This also pushes back the Grey Cup an extra week further into winter.

I also don't like the idea of playing a third pre-season game, especially to promote the game in other cities. Pre-season games are not even close to the standard set forth of the regular season. I don't think it promotes the game very well watching a team play a meaningless games with players who are on the bubble. The CFL must promote the game using their stars, the Ricky Rays of the league.

If the CFL were to play a game in another city to promote the game and also to see the interest in that city I would recommend they play it where each team loses a home game to a centre like Halifax every 4 or 8 years, depending on whether they play 1 or 2 games outside the normal CFL centres each year.

The season would not have to be lengthened to fit in the extra game. The schedule already features a bye week for all teams. The east division presently gets a week off and the west division gets a different week off.
The problem with staging the extra games is that the ticket prices would have to be significantly higher to make up for having fewer seats to sell. This means that the league would be taking a risk when it comes to whether all 4 games would break even or not.
What about the idea of the CFL trying this as a one time thing for the 2012 season (100th Grey Cup), provided Ottawa hasn’t gotten back in and space would still exist within the schedule?

The season is already long enough, you can't take away the players bye week to play another game. That's the time during the season where players can recuperate from all the nicks, bruises, sprains, and strains during a tough season, allowing them to be closer to 100% to finish the season. It also gives them time to visit family and friends and get away from the game.

The bye week in the CFL only goes back 2 seasons. There was no bye week during the time after the Renegades folded and then. The bye week in the NFL only goes back a few years as well, and was done to increase their television contract by adding a week to the schedule more than any other reason.
While the players appreciate the break during the season, I'm sure many would happily play the extra game if it came with a pay raise.