1999 v.s 2012 PF Total

Pretty simple. Through 4 games the Cats have scored 162 points, roughly on pace for 585 points. The 1999 Cats finished the regular season with 603 points.

2012 Cats score over or under 603 Points this season?

Personally I think this Ti-Cat team will shatter the 600 point mark this season however I dont think there's a single chance that they eclipse the record setting 1994 Stamps team who managed to put up 698 points (Need to average roughly 39 points a game through 18 games schedule, Cats are averaging 32).

With the offensive weapons on the roster, and additional synchronicity, the Cats should surpass 603 points by season's end.
The record of 698 points is a tall order, although never say never.

Wasn't Flutie on that 1994 Calgary team?

Yes, it was the year he set the record for TD passes with 48.

If the Cats figure out how to score in the third quarter (just 17 points in five games), they will blow by the 1999 team is terms of points scored.

I'll go with under because the defense isn't that strong and will be on the field for long stretches thereby diminishing some of the offensive potential. If the D vastly improves over the course of the season and pulls off a lot of two and outs on opposing teams then maybe.

I still think we can go over with the defense playing the way they are. But I think you are right that if the D can pull it together and become a solid unit, our offence will have the ball so much itll be hard for them not to put up 40+ points a game. I think we are witnessing the beginning of something special this year.

PF > 600 and, if they don't solve the D issues, a PF-PA differential of < 40


The 1999 team had 601 points for, 378 against. A positive differential of 225.
At the current clip, this year's team will have 583 for, 601 against. A negative differential of 19.

I don't see the team scoring 32 a game and allowing 33 a game all season long. For one thing, if the opposition keeps scoring, our offence won't have enough time on the field to keep it up. And I don't see us getting a S/T touchdown every game or so through October.

Besides, the 1999 team was a Grey Cup winner and probably one of our best ever. The 2012 edition has potential, but it's way too early to put them in the same class as that team. Hope springs eternal though.