1999 Grey Cup Half-Time Show

I'm helping to assemble a list of all Grey Cup half-time shows, and we're stumped on who performed at the half-time show at the 1999 Grey Cup in Vancouver.

As a Ticat fan, I obviously remember watching the game on TV, but I'm totally drawing a blank as to what singer/band did the half-time show.

If you were there and/or remember better than I do, please let me know.


Tom Cochrane, Patricia Bouchette, and the Ivory Huntchos

I was there, and I can't remember! All I know is that we won!

Box C
Row 8
Seats 6 & 7

I was on the field when we won! Face down! Having been freshly tackled by a security guard!

Having said that, one could assume my recollections of the game would be a bit fuzzy! But you'd be wrong!

I distinctly remember the half-time show being a whimsical trip down memory lane featuring Rothesay, NB disco diva Patsy Gallant and that Dreamy Quebecer, Rene Simard!

... I think!