1999 Grey Cup Football, Signed by Tiger-Cat 99' Roster

I was just wondering how much would this possibly go for, or should I just keep the memories under a class box?


500- 750, i would hold on to it if i were you.

Really CFL Items are Not Huge Sellers.
If this was a Superbowl Ball you get a lot more.
Cause the Market is Bigger.
But if you fine the Right Person Who Knows.

I'd Keep It Personaly
It is worth a lot more in Memories

500-750, you gotta be kidding!

What do you mean by this? Too high? Too low?

I agree with others that it would be worth more in memories than anything else. Also, as time passes it would obviously go up in value.

As for a value...I couldn't even guess...

its to high and it wont go up in value any more than its worth today

It's not too high. I would pay that.

I'd probably pay alot more if it were a game ball. PM if you're thinking that way.

Things are only worth what people are willing to pay, not what speculators think.

i dont think its a game ball. im pretty sure its just a ball signed by the team