1999 1/2 time tribute

I was very disappointed in the tribute ,half the team wasn’t there and I really missed Joe Montford! and not mentioning Ron Lancaster in my opinion was Brutal …they really dropped the ball on this one. :thdn:

Wow what a half-time show yesterday. Two BIG thumbs up to the Stripes, Lesilie, and the girls. This was the best half-time show in a very very long time.

Does anyone have a link for it, there is nothing on youtube and I want to see it again.

And special thanks to the 1999 boys that showed up, we fans understand how tough it is for former player to make it back to Hamilton for appearances, even more so hindered by current economy situation.

Agreed! I loved it! I wish Leslie danced.

Tributes cost money; travel and lodging is not free. In the CFL, some of this in the past has fallen on the former players to cough-up (Grover comes in mind on his tribute few years back). Given the events in North American, I hold nothing against players not coming back, heck we have true fans who can't afford to come out.

Be happy for who did show-up and thank them for coming out to support the 2009 team. Thumbs up for that :thup:

Wasn't great to see them again!!

Some of the players who were invited back decided not to come. Life goes on. I was surprised that they didn't mention Lancaster as well though. It was nice to see the guys again, I was only disappointed that I didn't get a chance to see Mace Freeman and Trevor Shaw before the game. I did get to see Grigg and that was nice.

I loved it too. I brought the kids to this one and I'm so glad I did. It was great. The trick-or-treating, the zombie cheerleaders and the half-time show made for a great time for all of us.

A big thank you to the cheerleaders for giving out most of the candy and for being so nice to the kids and to everyone involved in the gameday set-up for all the work that went into it. We made it onto the big screen before the game (much to my chagrin) and my daughter just loved it!

TSN did not show much of the 99 team, they did interview Danny McManus and he talked of Ron Lancaster and how he was the reason they were in back to back Grey Cups.

IMO it could have been done right... i think it was kinda thrown together.

I thought it was a fantastic halftime show from start to finish. Agreed more mention should have been given to Lancaster but aside from that fantastic. Brought some people to their first game yesterday and they were blown away.

I thought it was excellent as well, what I saw of it, I went down to get a drink and take a whiz which took longer than I thought.

Yeah....the video was quite creative and the segue from it to the cheerleaders on the field was excellent.
As for the 99 Grey Cup team..it was great to see them and it terrific to see Vince Scott's family there too.
I agree with Borehamgirl...the atmosphere and Halloween stuff was perfect.
Also...to see the old Pigskin Pete and the new one together was a treat. Jason Farr, the stadium announcer did a heck of a job too.
Congratulations to the wholeTiger-Cat organization for such an entertaining afternoon...and the WIN!!! :rockin:

they also forgot to mention corey grant his rookie year at the halftime tribute,but they did have corey on the video board later. also i thought it was the best half time show this season

Someone put it on Youtube please!!

An Argo-Cat fan

The 'Thriller' Routine is now available online thanks to Ticats TV.


One of the best half-time shows for sure! :thup:

I'm with you Mate ... I understand that not everyone can make it back but they quickly scanned the line-up of returning players which made it very impersonal.

It could have been much better.

The "Thriller" part of the halftime show was awesome. Everyone in the crowd was quiet and paying close attention, I've never seen anything like it. A much better tribute to MJ than the one that ABIII made earlier in the season!!

It would be great if the cheer team could do something like that a couple of times a year.


And yet, without AB3's end zone tribute to MJ he probably doesn't get traded to the Tiger Cats.

I thought they hit a home run.....although anything where Lesley is involved is always great!

Ill be honest, I thought it was horrible.

I think the MJ and the 99 team tributes could have been a lot better. I cant remember the last good half time show the cats did. But ya they won and it was a great game so I wont complain.