1994 IWS Question

Watching an old game from 1994.

I see in the West endzone that there are temporary seats. These were the roll away ones maybe 20/30 rows high. Not like the ones that came in for the Grey Cup.

I don't remember this at all. I thought this was around the time when the Tiger was in the endzone from the Elmvale Zoo.

Can anyone help me out and explain why they put in temp seats in the endzone? The stadium wasn't busting at the seams that we needed the extra seats.

Thats during the period I lived in Hamilton and was a season ticket holder. I remember the seats but not why they had them there. It could not have been because of demand because the crowds at that time were not so good.

94 was a 4-14 season so the team really didn't need the extra seats. They must have been for some other event. I remember a couple big soccer games being played there around 94 so maybe that was it. I remember the Irish national team was playing in one. I never went.

That may have been the Labour Day game that year.

The east end zone also had metal temporary seats down at field level in front of the visitor's locker room door. I will remember the game forever because I was sitting in those seats and spent one of the best half hours of my life with John Candy as he hid underneath the temporary seats sneaking cigarrettes so kids wouldn't see him smoking.....he was such a nice, down to earth man and was a treat to chat with...it was also the game that Rocky DiPietro was honoured at half-time if memory serves.

At any rate, I think 1994 was the year and if so, that explains the temporary seats in the West end zone also. I think the attendance was 34,000 and change. :rockin:

Must have been earlier, DH. John died on March 4, 1994.

oh shoot......I think you're right that the big Labour Day sellout with temporary seating in the east end zone must have been earlier........1990 or 91?.....

This was the home game against the Baltimore CFLers.

August 27th, 1994. Ham lost 28-17.

This was the 8th week of the season.

This would have been 1 week before the Labour Day Classic so I assume that the seats would have been extras for that.

Back in the 90’s, IWS on special occations (ie. Labour Day) had two temp. stands that would be placed in the west end zones from time to time. They did not hold a great deal of seats but with those and the temps they placed under the east end zone seats, they could bring the capacity to just over 30,000.

I believe those metal bleachers were owned by the city and used in other city park locations.

Previous to that we had the old bleachers in the west end zone in the 60’s and 70’s.


This is right. The team would sell tickets and for each amount they would open up another block of temp seating for Labour Day.

They didn't need any extra seating for games that season, as attendance for home games was horrible. That was the Timm Rosenbach year!!! The attendance for the Labour Day game that season was only 20,687.

8) How right you are "mightypope". I remember some crowds that year being in the 10-12,000 range.
 It was a cash strapped year for the TiCats, and was one of the reasons that they released Rosenbach
 in September of that year !!!  They couldn't afford to pay his hefty contract any more !!

 Of course the other reason he was released was because he was a bust as our QB  !!! <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 Another big name, high profile QB bites the dust in Hamilton.  Some things never change !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Almost salvaged the season with Reggie Slack (from Tor. in exchange for Jeff Fields) and nifty RB Reggie Barnes.
Competitive the rest of the year.

'94 began and ended ominously. An unsettling loss to Sacremento, previously an easy two points, in game 1. then ended the year with a heartbreaking last sec. field goal loss to SSK pushing Ham. out of playoffs when the death of the franchise was at its closest.

IWS hasn't been that sombre before or since.

Wasnt that the game where Sask missed a FG, we tried to run it out and our returner got tackled 2 yards from the goal line? Giving Sask a single and the win?

That was vs. EDM.
Beautiful fall afternoon. Thanksgiving weekend?
It was Don Odegard IIRC that got tackled . Seemed to pause for moment. Theory was he forgot about the "rouge".
Resident geniuses got on Fifth Qtr. "shoulda (hiccup) hadda CDN back there"

Actually Z, it was back-up safety Roger Hennig who failed to run the ball out of the end zone. He was a good ol' Canadian boy to boot.....lol.