1994 Grey Cup Baltimore vs B.C. Lions at B.C.

Kent Austin, Tracy Ham Q.B.'s - ESPN broadcasters! - The noise meter went off of the scale.

Looks like B.C. loved that team back then. I didn't know that Austin could throw like that.

Here is the link to the broadcast if you are interested to see what the league looked like back then. You could tell it was Canada vs the U.S.


Okay you must be young and that’s okay I love your enthusiasm for the league and it explains your love of the United States expansion . I once was like you in those ideas .

First when I look back : we watched here on the good old CBC .  I was disappointed the game was on the deuce .

ESPN 2 was for more niche sports in the US . Years earlier the game and playoffs were on ESPN’s main network .
Check out the you tube game of TO vs Hamilton in 83 one of the best games televised on American TV .

Danny Mac was the man . Sean Millington a Canadian back played amazingly behind a Canadian offensive line who stopped the ALL American Defensive TEAM that day . They deserve credit for their play that day . The offensive line player you miss on here with tears in his eyes while the Canadian anthem played brought tears to my eyes that day it was and still is special .

I never want to see US expansion again as the Americans treated the league like a joke . Check out Las Vegas and other teams  crappy existence .They were the Ottawa Rough Riders times 10 in embarrassing moments . Shreveport 

was shockingly unprofessional as well as others . The team playing here and the GoldMiner/Texans were the only teams who actually tried to act like pro teams .

We have come along way from that horror show A1000 and believe me you never want to see it again because it would kill the league off for good next time . The reason we expanded then was because of desperation .You always negotiate from the position of power and right now unless the Yanks have a huge TV Contract and real boat load of money ( hundreds of millions ) we will never return to a country already in love with their own brand of entrenched American four down Football .

I hope you bring this great enthusiasm to BMO and cheer on the Argos in 2016 and enjoy this modest League for all
it’s quirky Canadiana .

I think there is much more respect for the CFL in the U.S. than ever before. Therefore, believe with the guidelines for expansion clearly defined, it will probably work in the right market in the U.S. I reposted this from the news wires from last year.

As the CFL looks to gain a younger audience in Canada, the league is most popular with Americans under 35, a new survey suggests.

Dr. Reginald Bibby, a sociologist at the University of Lethbridge, conducted online surveys in Canada and the U.S. last February in partnership with Vision Critical. The Canadian poll found the league’s top demographic domestically was 55 and over, with 33 per cent of respondents saying they followed it closely.

In the U.S. survey, 22 per cent of respondents between 18 and 34 said they followed the CFL, compared to seven per cent in the 35-to-54 category and three per cent for those 55 and over.

Good debate A 1000 you have my attention . Can I ask you this ?

Without US expansion how do we engage the youth market here in Canada to identify with the Canadian league as Their League ?

shame them into being more patriotic 8)

After re-watching the game, it might be hard to claim the '94 Grey Cup was so terrible that U.S. expansion should never again be contemplated. For all we know, the U.S. could be the catalyst for the CFL's salvation and emergence as more major league?

I saw a home team comprised of 50% Canadians holding their own and defeating an All-American team coached by one of the best coaches in history. The game was truly a spectacle. Either of those teams would probably lay a licking on any CFL team today, who couldn't ramp up the intensity to that level for 60 minutes...without breakdowns and penalties.

I wondered about Baltimore's decision to return the missed field goal with over 1 minute left (to the 1-yd line, preserving the tie)? If they instead gave up a single and the lead, their offence would have scrimmaged at the 35. All they needed was 2 or 3 plays to get into field goal position, for the win, while running out the clock. That would be a gutsy call (and perhaps stupid call), but in retrospect might have been the winning one.