1992 eastern semi vs ottawa

I remeber that game so well we were down by 16points with 6 minutes left and came back with a last second OZZY feild goal to win. IM salivating at the thought of this sunday its been along time coming and its gonna be a BLAST. Any other playoff memories ppl LETS GET PUMPED!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I was there...I remember the waves of snow we could see coming across the bay from our seats in section 26.I remember the leaf blowers and brooms used to clear off the yard lines.I remember Lee Knight with a halacious stiff arm in the 2nd quarter,while running down the sideline in front of the Tiger-Cat bench.I rememeber a Roughrider fan seated near us shouting,"Ride'em,baby..RIDE 'EM!!!!".They were playing well at the time,so it was particularily annoying.

I remember the elder Gliebergeek saying something like,"I like coming to Hamilton...I get a nice hotel room.I get some nice meals.We win,and then,we leave!".

I rememeber John Gregory saying,after being question about the possible attendance for the game,"I'm not worried!It's a working town and people don't get paid until thursday or Friday!".

I rememeber Damon Allen not playing well,and getting replaced by Don MacPherson....DON FREAKING MACPHERSON!!!!!

I remember the last touchdown catch by Earl Winfield after Earl basically two-handed Less Browne out of the way to catch the ball.

And I remember Ozzie's kick in the snow and the resulting celebration.It was his biggest kick of his career.It was only surpassed by the 54 yarder in the Eastern final in '98!If I rememeber correctly,Michiluk and Yachetti left the lights on at Ivor Wynne that night to salut the fans!

I also remember giving it to that 'Rider fan all the way out of Ivor Wynne that afternoon!

thats a great memory u got and then we had the great eastern final here against montreal in 98 and 99 there were very exciting

I was at that game also. Loved it! One of the best snow games ever played. Allen was okay early on but got so he couldn't move the ball at all. McPherson really played great in relief.

Maybe if McPherson had started the east final in Winnipeg we would not have lost 59-11.

The '99 final was in Montreal.The Semi was here against Toronto.Win's all the way around!!!!

I don't think it would have mattered.The team was so emotionally drained after the Semi that we were totally flat against Winnipeg.I rememeber John Motton going down early in that game with a blown out knee.He was never the same after that.
That was thegame where Rod Hill's a -hole antics reared their ugly head and the ice/snowball incidents with the 'Peg's fans drove Coris Ervin to go into the crowd after someone.Why the ref's did'nt keep flagging the Bummers for Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties because of that is beyond me.

That season was when I really began to detest Winnipeg....

I remember the Winnipeg well. I traveled to Halifax for business and watched the game from my hotel room. I purchased beer and pizza and I was absolutely disgusted at the Winnipeg fans throwing snow ball at the Tiger Cat players. To this day they are my second most hated team - second behind the Ars%% **&^% down the QEW.

I certainly hope the Cats bring their A game and take to Printers and rest of the Lions. Time to step up and get the job done.

I am trying to lose 25 lbs before Christmas but I just had a (small) bag of Potatoe Chips - Salt and Vinegar. They were sooooo good. Having said that I now hate myself. :cry:


I sure do miss the Ottawa Rough Riders. Snowy playoff games. The White ‘R’ on a Black Helmet in the rain and snow. Reminds me of my youth.

Bring back the Rough Riders soon!!!

I still have the free hat given out to the first few thousand fans to enter the gates. The thing was the goofiest looking ball cap you ever saw, but what a cherished piece of CFL memorabilia! To this day the hat jhangs in my rec room.


Fond memories of that `92 eastern Final.

I remember the sun was shining, and snowflakes
were gently fluttering down before that game.

I remember Ticat President John Michaluk with a smile on his face
saying to nearby fans, as he climbed up the steps to the press box,

"it's a great day for football." and it sure was,

I remember Glen Kulka flexing his muscles
like Hulk Hogan and taunting us Ticats fans.

We boo-ed him like mad and called him a jerk.

He loved every minute of it.

Just before the game was over,
I jumped out of my seat in Sec 25

and ran all the way to the end zone
to yell some choice words down at Kulka

before he could get into his dressing room.

I also remember that the semi-final was the only time we beat Ottawa that year. At 11-7 92 was a great year but Ottawa dominated Hamilton all 3 games in the regular season. We did beat the blue team every time we played them though. The main regular season game I remember in 92 was @ Sask. Ham won 42-6.

92 was also the last time we swept BC till this year.

Another thought..

After 92 I thought 93 was a very strange season. We started 3-0 and then only won 3 more all year to end with a 6-12 record. After 11-7 and making it to the final then starting 3-0 the next year it was rough to have everything suddenly fall apart.

I also remember that out game in Edmonton in 93 was the last time a Canadian QB started a game. It was Bob Torrence (spelling?).

If you're going to this Sunday's semi-final, you're getting a towel to hang next to your hat.