1991 rematch

I have been waiting since 1991 for this rematch. Since that loss to Toronto the stamps have beaten Montreal, Hamilton, and winnipeg twice. for many stamps fan around my age (33) this remains a sore spot. we wanted so badly to beat the big bad Hollywood Argos with the rocket at the main focus that year. even the loss to Baltimore is somewhat redeemed by the win against Montreal. and like the game in 2008, going into a home stadium… this is truely the game that I have been hoping for all year. No I did not throw the beer can in 1991 as I was much too young to have a beer in my hand.

1972 re-match too!! Leon slips on a sweep, fumbles and Argos sink whilst on their way to a winning drive in the red zone!
Joe Theisman was Argos QB from Notre Dame then onto to Super Bowl wins at Washington with the Redskins.
Argos had the better individual players but Calgary was the better team that day at old Empire Stadium in the monsoon on the WET COAST in Vancouver. The flood on the field was second only to Noah and the Arc times and led to the no-brainer conclusion that an indoor stadium was needed in the wettest place on the planet next to PRince Rupert. = Vancouver!


1971 it was and this is what happens when you are old. Didn’t the Montreal Canadiens win 5 Stanley Cups in a row in the 1820s???

The good news is the Riders have tripled their Grey Cups since 71! :smiley:


Riders are triple threats! :wink:

I was thinking the same thing I so want to redeem that loss in 1991 I always think back to that game, and how everything changed, that was a team of underdogs that somehow came back in the WDF trailing the Eskies in Edmonton after halftime, to playing in the Grey Cup. Then in the offseason getting Flutie from BC and turned the Stamps into favorites. Bring back a lot of memories

i think there is something else about this years grey cup that makes it fun... at least for me. We all view, out west, Toronto as a very mtro place. fancy coffee, sky scrapers, suits, the toronto stock exchange... very white collar..

The stamps represent Calgary... the heartland of Rodeo and oil. True blue collar dirt under your nails. Not saying cowboy hats on everyone, but hard hats and steel toes as vs suit and ties. ii think thats pretty fun.

Being from Edmonton, I always thought of Calgary as being white collar, but I guess compared to Toronto. :cowboy:

Sorry hothead, that loss will never be redeemed. Calgary must forever carry the albatross of being the team who let the Grey Cup go south of the border. :twisted: Much like the Ottawa Senators handing the Stanley Cup to Mickey Mouse.