1990 and 2011...

Was thinking this morning about our last championship, and got to thinking about how similar the 1990 squad was to the 2011 team. Then lo and behold, I found this article from Montreal...

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/2011+Bombers+eerily+reminiscent+1990+squad/5748831/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/2 ... story.html[/url]


Thanks for that link Kubie. . . the parallels are eerie, aren't they ?

They really are...hey, it's one game and anything can happen. It's all about execution and desire now.

Kubie's going to Vancouver in the morning! GO BLUE!!!!!

Hey Kubie, we’re flying to Vancouver this afternoon !

I'll be wearin' a White Bomber Jersey with #13 and Kubie on the back. Come say hi if you see me around, Madjack.

You lucky stiffs, enjoy the week and kubie represent, as I know you will. :thup:

Vancouver will know I'm there.... :wink:

Go get them Kubie!! I wish I could be there!!

The biggest difference will be playing in a hostile enviorment and playing a very hot BC lion team. The 90 Eskimos, were good, but not rolling like the Lions! But I like our defense in a one game shot. Just have to avoid disaster in 1st q , frustrate Lulay and make him press in front of his home fans.

If I remember correctly, the Esks WERE the hot team, with their innovative 5 pack of receivers...

Man o man...when I think of that game, all I can see is Greg Battle dominating.

That goes for everybody, btw...always enjoy meeting CFL fans. Pigseye will vouch for me, I'm not so bad in person... :lol:

Make us proud guys ... Loud and Proud ... woot !! :rockin:

They actually finished 2nd to the Stamps in the West that year,losing a game in CGY on the last game of the season. I really think The 88 team is much closer to this years team. Great D and spotty Off.

One thing about this team, no matter what the score, you can never count them out.they have started well + won, they have started poorly + won. You just can't give up on them. I don't know if I buy into the team of destiny thing but this team has a lot of reasons to win.

Yeah, but they took care of the Stamps didn't they? :wink:

Tom Burgess and Buck Pierce have a whole lot more heart than Sean Salisbury ever did...

Actually that was the begining of the Stamps turning things around as a franchise. Edmonton was just overwhelmed in the Grey Cup in 90. For one game in 1988, Salisbury got it done,just like Crandal in 01 against us.

Yeah, the Esks had it handed to them in the Grey Cup...but my point is that the Esks, like the current Lions, were the team to beat, having destroyed the Riders 43-27 in the semi, and the Stamps 43-23 in final

And Salisbury hardly got it done...his stats that day were awful. The hero of the day, other than Mike Gray for his pick, was Bob Cameron.

The biggest difference is the home crowd,hopefully Winnipeg can handle the crowd noise on off. The 08 Stamps managed to beat the Als in the big O!

Yep, they did. I was there, it was LOUD!!! It can be done.

......the 08 stamps win always brings back a quote from the Huffer in his pregame rant....'We have them right where we want them'...fast forward to this Cup ...Do we have the Leos right where we want them???Game conditions will be better... certainly for the BigBlue :thup: :rockin: GoBombers...bring home the Prize :thup: