1988 East semi-final (Ham at Wpg) on NOW -- ESPN Classic

Just got it on (7:01 p.m)

Oski Wee Wee,


Ahhh Al Bruno..... those were the days.....

Yup-- Cats at Bombers. :wink:

I wonder if we'll see Kelly in the stands dreaming of one day destroying the Bombers!!

Wait -- I see a guy with a red nose and big red shoes in the end zone seats....


BUSTED Rhymes!!

The incomparable Buster Rhymes with the Peg... LOL

Hey look.. Wannabe Walby!!

HTD, I gotta remember to honour my foes list here. LMAO :slight_smile:

lol.. I keep mine well updated!!


lol.. he was a pup back then.. damn greenhorn

He was "Bob Oblivious" to me until he left The Dark Side. LOL



I had a great talk with Obie years ago while I was covering the team for my blog. He was still with the Lions. Great guy and very interested in talking football. His wife Judy was also a pleasure to meet. Super people.

Meanwhile, a reminder why EARL WINFIELD MUST BE ELECTED TO THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME. :wink: Whooooooooosh!

The only thing stopping him was his..... teammate!

Earl was right up there with prime Garney as the most electrifying Cat with the ball, ever.

Reminds us that in November in the Peg, they can often shovel the white stuff. Today, they shovel other matter. LOL

LOL.... when we moved there 5yrs ago.. by the end of November... there was almost 4ft of snow on the ground.. I thought to myself.. WHAT the HELL was I thinking and longed for the Ontario weather...lol