1986 season start/finish...2013 season start/finish

Wow!!!! It's hard to believe that 27 years have passed since the Cats and Nots have played each other in an East Final.
Looking at both years,there is a remarkable similiarity between the "86" and "13" regular season.In both years the Cats finished in 2nd place behind the Nots. In 86 our record after 6 games was 1-5,but the Cats record the rest of that regular season saw them go 8-3-1 to finish up at 9-8-1 on the season,including the play-offs(2-1)the Cats overall record their last 15 games was 10-4-1 and with play-offs included their over-all record was 11-9-1,and of course we all know who won the Cup that year :thup: :thup: This season saw our Cats go 1-4 after 5 games,but rally the last 13 games going 9-4 to finish up at 10-8,so far including the victory yesterday,the Cats record now stands at 10-4 our last 14 games played,and 11-8 so far on the season.When we beat the Nots(notice I said When,not If :smiley: )our record going into the Cup will be 12-8 on the season over-all,and for the last 15 games it will be 11-4 going into the Cup.So as you can plainly see the 2 seasons are near mirror images of each other....karma ?? fate ?? da javu ?? Gazing into my Chrystal Ball.....I see only two possibilities happening......the Rubber Match Cup.....Cats vs Stamps....each with a win a piece(Calg-98)(Ham-99) or the Revenge Cup.....Cats vs Riders....(89)ironically 10 yrs before our last Cup in 99 !!!! and how ironic will that be if we meet the Riders with our current coach being the q.b. of the team that beat us in the greatest Grey Cup of all time.Come to think of it,maybe the Cats should just stick to hiring old retired Rider Q.B's as our head coaches,cause until Austin came to town our last great coach who led us to the promised land was the late great "Little General"Ron Lancaster. KEEP BELIEVING!!!!!!GO CATS GO!!!!!!GREY CUP 2013 CHAMPIONS!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: